TTATC 12 Tickets

It’s TTATC12 ticketing info GO TIME!
Here’s the timeline…..
TTATC12: July 14-17, 2022
Total tickets available: 350
*** ASS TICKETS! *** Available immediately!
Wut?!? Art Super Support Tickets!
Yep, we are bringing back your ability to purchase early tickets at a price that not only guarantees your ticket NOW, but also supports our Art Grant program in a BIG way!
These tickets are available at $303 each, and will be available only until our General Admission tickets go on sale in May. To snag one of these super special early tickets, click this link, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch shortly with specific ASS Ticket purchasing instructions from there!
*** Low-Income (LI) Tickets! ***
Once again, we will be giving people the opportunity to apply for a ticket at the reduced rate of $55. A link will become available to apply sometime in April. In the spirit of TTATC!2, we will be offering up to 12 of these tickets. Stay tuned for more info about all that!
*** Directed Tickets! ***
As usual, we will be offering these very limited special guaranteed tickets (at regular price), that will be available just prior to our general sale, to our returning theme camp and art project crews in good standing. We will be in touch with y’all with information on how to apply for these particular tickets, if your camp has plans to return. Stay tuned for more info about all that!
Friday, May 13, 2022 AT NOON!
These tickets will be available for $111 each. Put this sale date and time on your calendar, and make sure to get on it right away when the time comes! Tickets sold out last year REALLY FAST, and we’re kinda expecting that again, so don’t dilly dally when it’s GO TIME. If you don’t get one during the general sale (or prior), don’t panic, as tickets seem to bounce around before the actual event, and it could totally still happen for you! If you wanna be there, you’ll surely find a ticket, somehow, eventually!
RV Passes will be offered again this year, in limited numbers, and along with that…. we will be offering a limited number of (fairly cheap, as it’s really about the limited number of cars we are able to park more than anything) vehicle passes this year! One of the greatest challenges we have at our venue is not enough on-site parking space! We will be working with our venue on creating an additional/overflow parking area behind our RV section. This is all a work in progress as we figure it all out, but stay tuned for more info on all that! It will be fine, and totally work out!
*** NOTE: We will be requiring that all attendees be vaccinated to attend the event. This seems to be the event standard these days, and we are gonna go with that. Please be vaxxed before you buy your ticket, and if you aren’t vaxxed yet, know that you still have time to make it happen! Our goal is to keep our community as safe as possible, so thanks for playing along! ***
FINALLY: Hopefully this info is helpful and finds you well! We are SOOO EXCITED to get rocking and proceed with our planning! Are you READY?!??? LET’S DO THIS!
❤ Fire Mama