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Got an RV pass?

***Got an RV pass? Fill this out asap!
You may also get this form in an email, but only fill it out once! Thanks! The more we know, the better we can plan!
***Still looking for an RV pass? Sure seems like people are scrounging for them! Yikes! Keep doing your best as tickets shift around. Last day for ticket and pass transfers is Tuesday!
***Fair warning… we anticipate being tight this year, especially with the addition of parking vehicles in the back of the RV lot. Please help us help you by VOLUNTEERING for parking (RVs and other), COOPERATING with instructions, and being PATIENT as we figure it all out! We’re all in this together, and EVERYBODY wants to have a good time!
We got this!
❤ Fire Mama

***Got an RV pass? Fill this out asap!
You may also get this form in an email, but only fill it out once! Thanks! The more we know, the better we can plan!
***Still looking for an RV pass? Sure seems like people are scrounging for them! Yikes! Keep doing your best as tickets shift around. Last day for ticket and pass transfers is Tuesday!
***Fair warning… we anticipate being tight this year, especially with the addition of parking vehicles in the back of the RV lot. Please help us help you by VOLUNTEERING for parking (RVs and other), COOPERATING with instructions, and being PATIENT as we figure it all out! We’re all in this together, and EVERYBODY wants to have a good time!
We got this!
❤ Fire Mama

TTATC 12 Calendar!

Here is the Official TTATC 12 Calendar! You can easily add this to your Google Calendar! Just click the + in the lower right corner.


  1. Create a calendar event on your personal calendar of choice. Make sure to add location and an event description so people know where and what is going on. Do not create an all day event.
  2. Send an invite or add a guest to the following email address –
  3. Refresh the TTATC calendar and you should see your event show up.

If you have any issues please comment below and I will assist as soon as I can. We will have some printed copies available for the major camps to display, but you need to have your event added by Tuesday 7/13 for it to be included.


If you are bringing a child under 18 to TTATC12, please fill out this info form! If you don’t fill this form out online pre-event, you will need to fill one out at the gate when you arrive. It’s better in every way if you just do it in advance.
Just looking out for ya!

❤ Fire Mama

Here’s the form!

Lead Team!

Last week, most of our TTATC Lead Team got together, and proceeded to “Figure It Out!” This team is amaaazing, and it was SO GOOD to see everybody! The past 2 pandemic years had us basically barebones and struggling (but doing it anyways!). Somehow, we mostly held together through it all! Of course there will be occasional lead changes, but generally, people stick around, one way or another! This has given us the ability to continue to improve year after year with so many experienced people on this team and beyond. You guys…. this crew (with the help of volunteers across the board) makes TTATC really HAPPEN!

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce and thank our fantastic TTATC Lead Team!
Fire Mama – I guess I’ll start with ME! Ha! I’ve been directing TTATC (herding ALL the cats) since our start in 2012. I ran TTATC 1 and 2 (at the original Cabin) technically by myself, but with some great helpers, and started putting together our official TTATC Lead Team for TTATC3 (our last event at the Cabin before we moved to the CGC for TTATC4 – now), and fortunately, our team has remained impressively consistent ever since! Yeah, I somehow wrangle and oversee this whole crazy TTATC thing, with the help and support of MANY! This team is OFF THE CHARTS. I can hardly believe it. NOTE: The C4 (Core 4) does the big stuff – we meet frequently, and it’s awesome.**

*Paulski – C4 member, Placement, Drama Wrangler, Graphics, #2, and SO MUCH MORE
*Jeffy – C4 member, website, ticketing, tech MASTER, pro-hugger, the King of Dry Humor
*Jay – C4 member, DPW, Parking, heavy lifter, and extra AWESOME. Seriouslyyyy.
*Melissa – Volunteer Wrangler, List creator, Spot and Ice (Sales) Queen EXTRAORDINAIRE.
*Teresa – Our brand spankin new Medical Lead. She’s super cool, a fixer upper, and is ON IT!
*Jules – Perimeter/FAST (Fire Arts Safety Team) (co)Lead,. She will perimeter yo ass!
*Jason B – LASERS! Lighting up TTATC since 2013! Power and walkie master.
*Corey P – POWER! Big time – you have NO IDEA what this guy makes happen. Whoa.
*Alex – Gate Co-Lead, checking you in since 2013! His dedication is IMPRESSIVE.
*Jen – Gate Co-Lead, this is absolutely a 2 person job, and we are LUCKY to have her.
*Hawthorn – Ranger Co-Lead who has been rangering since the beginning of time.
*Queen B – Ranger Co-Lead, killin it in every way possible. She will RANGER your ass!
*Carrie – HPA (Hot Piece of ASSistant), helping us out in ALL THE WAYS! I luv her!
*Teddy – LNT, Spot Lurker, (FU, yo), basically this guy STEPS UP! Hardcore Burner – WOW.
*Ellen – VAG (Virgin Acclimation Group) creator and director, Are you new? She’s got you!
*Adam – Mama’s WI Friend, Caretaker, and the guy with the big truck that pulls people out of the mud! ! He’s a GREAT guy to have around!
***Honorable Mentions: Lauren, Alina, Jeremy, and J5 – who seem to be kinda fading away from our lead team these days…. but they are still around, have been AWESOME in so many ways for many years as part of our Lead Team, and we THANK THEM IMMENSELY. Seriously. Big love. Shifts happen.
*** I hope you have enjoyed my silly, but mega-serious introductions, and just know I could have gone ON AND ON about all of these crazy awesome people, in all the ways!
Be extra sweet to all of these incredible leads, give them a hand (sign up and show up for a VOLUNTEER shift!), and above all else, DON’T FUCK IT UP, and JUST BE COOL. We’re ALL in this together, which keeps it AWESOME!
Thank you from the bottom of my lil cat balls.
❤ Fire Mama

May be an image of 10 people and people standing
May be an image of 8 people, people sitting and outdoors

TTATC 12 – Vegas, Baby
10:10 pm – Speed Friending with Fire Mama!
* come meet some new people @ Convention Center Camp! It’s fun and easy! I’ll help you!
9:09 pm – Welcome Burn
* Welcome to TTATC! Let’s Burn a Thing!
* Like prom, but not really at all this year…. It’s the “Trade Show, Wedding Reception, Strip Club, Cirq, Magic Gala!” (I’M SO EXCITED!)
@ Convention Center Camp!
*dress in your finest whatever!*
8:08 Temple Burn – Craps
10:10 Casino Burn – This year TTATC stands for….THAT THING AT THE CASINO!
Oh you guys… I’m so excited! … omg!!
So much good stuff!!! Can’t wait!
❤ Fire Mama


TTATC12 Gate Hours
Ticket Specifics and Stuff
Vehicle Passes and RVs
COVID Policy Info

Are you ready for a long post with TONS of info?!?
Ok (deep breath)… Here we go! ………….

Gate Hours for TTATC12 Gen Admit:
Thursday, July 14: noon – 10 pm
Friday, July 15: 10 am – 10 pm
Saturday, July 16: noon – 2 pm
There will be ZERO admittance outside of these posted gate hours. Plan accordingly. No exceptions. We will be watching.

Only certain camps and projects will be allowed Early Admittance (EA) for set up on Wednesday, July 13. No EA pass? Don’t come early, duh! You’ll be turned away, and that would be sad and awkward for everybody involved.
*Anybody may leave the event at any time (however, after dark, there is no driving in the grounds allowed, and you’ll have to haul your stuff to your vehicle yourself, as no gear transport will be available for leaving after dark). As usual, there will be no re-entry to the event. Once you leave, you are gone for good.
*Event closes on Sunday, July 17th at noon.
Thanks for working with us on ALL THAT!

Main Sale Tickets
Y’all probably already know that our ticketing main sale happens on Friday the 13th of May at noon (CST). During our main sale, 2 general admin tickets, plus one Vehicle Pass or RV pass (keep reading for Vehicle Pass and RV Pass info!) will be available per transaction.
GA ticket – $111
Vehicle Pass – $12
RV Pass – $35
However, there are a few other ticketing things to wrap up before our main sale….

Low Income Tickets (LI)
This year we plan to award up to 12 LI general admission tickets (TTATC12 – 12, get it?) at basically half price, for just $55. To apply, you gotta fill out this form, and agree to sign up and complete two 2-hour volunteer shifts. You have until Friday, May 5th at noon to complete the application. Selected applicants will be notified by Monday, May 9th, and those tickets will need to be purchased between May 9 – 11th. (noon – midnight). Those that aren’t awarded a Low Income ticket obviously may still participate in our regular Main Sale on Friday, May 13th. Low Income tickets are non-transferable.
One Vehicle Pass will also be available to purchase with each Low Income Ticket that is awarded. More info about vehicle passes is coming up – so keep reading!
Link to the LI ticket application:

Directed Tickets
A specific number of regular priced general admission tickets ($111) will be awarded to returning theme camp and art project camps in good standing (previous TTATC Theme and Art camps- watch for an email inquiring about these sooooon!). These particular camps will be notified about directed tickets status by a specific date (TBA) and the tickets awarded must be purchased between Monday, May 9 – Wednesday, May 11th (noon – midnight).
One Vehicle Pass and/or an RV pass will be offered for every two directed tickets offered. Keep reading for more info about these special vehicle/RV passes!

ASS Tickets
As we’ve announced before, these are Art Super Support Tickets (ASS!)!
A handful of people have applied for these tickets already, yet only a few have actually paid for them so far. These tickets MUST be purchased by Wednesday, May 11th by midnight.
To reiterate the info about these tickets, you are able to purchase early tickets at a price that not only guarantees your ticket NOW, but also supports our Art Grant program in a BIG way! These tickets are available at $303 each. You still have time to snag one of these super special early tickets by clicking this link, filling out the form, and we’ll be in touch via email shortly with specific ASS Ticket purchasing instructions from there! We’ll check the forms for any more ASS applicants shortly after this post is made, and frequently until the final day to purchase, to make sure we get y’all! Stay tuned to your email!
*I’ll be contacting purchasers of ASS tickets via email specifically about Vehicle and RV passes, so watch for that!

Vehicle (and RV) Passes
Nope, this doesn’t mean you get to keep your car at your camp!. Like we did last year, we are going to allow people to drive into the event grounds, drop off your stuff, then move your vehicle to one of our parking lots, with specific direction from volunteers. Your vehicle pass will state your specific allotted time (1 hour or less) to have your vehicle in the grounds for dropping off your stuff, and then GTFO(!), parking your car for the duration of the event, with your vehicle pass prominently displayed in your car, in the parking lot
Although we plan to have gate hours until 10 pm on Thursday and Friday nights, there will be ZERO driving into the grounds after 8 pm, and we will provide the transport necessary from the gate to your campsite for you and your stuff, so that there are NO attendee cars driving around the event after dark.
As you may already know, one of the struggles at our amazing venue is having space for parking! We’re going to try a new program this year to try to keep all vehicles on site, which requires offering only a limited number of parking spaces. These passes won’t be expensive (only $12 each!), but will be offered in a limited number. We are going to offer 200 vehicle passes this year, and give this a shot. Obviously, carpooling is massively encouraged, and simply necessary to make this happen! We will be using our usual front, 2nd, and 3rd parking lots, plus we’re going to try something else new this year and use the back of our RV lot for overflow parking with zero parking at the clubhouse. Hopefully we can stay organized with this new parking plan, but please cut us some slack as we figure this out – thanks!
Per our usual, 35 RV passes will be offered at $35 each. If you are pulling a camper into the event, you do not need to also purchase a vehicle pass, as the RV pass will cover the whole thing. We plan to better coordinate the placement of RVs this year to consolidate space, and you leave room in the back of the RV lots for our overflow vehicle parking.

COVID Policy
With events and other pandemic policies constantly changing and no way of knowing where we will be at by the time our event rolls around mid-July. After posting some strong requirements right off the bat, and knowing we would be able to potentially scale them back as the time got closer, we have decided to simply follow state guidelines for our Covid requirements, which may change at any time. Currently, there are no state requirements for vaccination or pre-testing for outdoor recreation events, although they are highly recommended, HOWEVER this may change depending on the way of the pandemic. If the MN Dept of Health imposes any changes or requirements, we will be following them. But at this time, proof of vaccination or testing pre-event will not be required for TTATC12.
Note that most other upcoming regional Burns still have strong requirements in place. Obviously, for the safety of yourself and our community, vaccination (plus a booster) is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for all attendees. At the event, feel free to ask others about their vaccination and/or test status if you wish, and then you can choose your social contacts/distance with others per your own comfort level. Clearly, if you are feeling ill or have any Covid symptoms at the time of the event, please stay home and don’t bring it to the rest of us! Even better yet, get/take a test before you come, so you know what’s up with you, FOR SURE!

OK… hopefully that all makes sense! Let me know if anything is unclear, with all my blabber, and we can hopefully clear it all up for everybody right off the bat! We anticipate that tickets will once again sell out, but we have no idea how fast (last year’s main sale tickets went QUICK), so don’t dilly dally when it’s GO TIME! If you don’t get a ticket, vehicle or RV pass during ticket sales, don’t panic, and know that tickets and passes tend to bounce around quite a bit before the event. As soon as ticket sales wrap up, we will be creating a Facebook group for people looking to purchase or sell TTATC12 tickets (please keep these requests in that particular group, and not on our main TTATCers group). We’re looking forward to all this ticket sale chaos wrapping up, hopefully smoothly, so we can get on with our crazy event planning beyond just ticketing! There’s sooo much more to it!
Let’s do this!
❤ Fire Mama

TTATC 12 Tickets

It’s TTATC12 ticketing info GO TIME!
Here’s the timeline…..
TTATC12: July 14-17, 2022
Total tickets available: 350
*** ASS TICKETS! *** Available immediately!
Wut?!? Art Super Support Tickets!
Yep, we are bringing back your ability to purchase early tickets at a price that not only guarantees your ticket NOW, but also supports our Art Grant program in a BIG way!
These tickets are available at $303 each, and will be available only until our General Admission tickets go on sale in May. To snag one of these super special early tickets, click this link, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch shortly with specific ASS Ticket purchasing instructions from there!
*** Low-Income (LI) Tickets! ***
Once again, we will be giving people the opportunity to apply for a ticket at the reduced rate of $55. A link will become available to apply sometime in April. In the spirit of TTATC!2, we will be offering up to 12 of these tickets. Stay tuned for more info about all that!
*** Directed Tickets! ***
As usual, we will be offering these very limited special guaranteed tickets (at regular price), that will be available just prior to our general sale, to our returning theme camp and art project crews in good standing. We will be in touch with y’all with information on how to apply for these particular tickets, if your camp has plans to return. Stay tuned for more info about all that!
Friday, May 13, 2022 AT NOON!
These tickets will be available for $111 each. Put this sale date and time on your calendar, and make sure to get on it right away when the time comes! Tickets sold out last year REALLY FAST, and we’re kinda expecting that again, so don’t dilly dally when it’s GO TIME. If you don’t get one during the general sale (or prior), don’t panic, as tickets seem to bounce around before the actual event, and it could totally still happen for you! If you wanna be there, you’ll surely find a ticket, somehow, eventually!
RV Passes will be offered again this year, in limited numbers, and along with that…. we will be offering a limited number of (fairly cheap, as it’s really about the limited number of cars we are able to park more than anything) vehicle passes this year! One of the greatest challenges we have at our venue is not enough on-site parking space! We will be working with our venue on creating an additional/overflow parking area behind our RV section. This is all a work in progress as we figure it all out, but stay tuned for more info on all that! It will be fine, and totally work out!
*** NOTE: We will be requiring that all attendees be vaccinated to attend the event. This seems to be the event standard these days, and we are gonna go with that. Please be vaxxed before you buy your ticket, and if you aren’t vaxxed yet, know that you still have time to make it happen! Our goal is to keep our community as safe as possible, so thanks for playing along! ***
FINALLY: Hopefully this info is helpful and finds you well! We are SOOO EXCITED to get rocking and proceed with our planning! Are you READY?!??? LET’S DO THIS!
❤ Fire Mama