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– Art Grant Apps are LIVE!
– Ticket Updates
– TCAPS – due yesterday – here’s what we got!

It’s Art Grant App GO TIME!
The Art Grant App form:
Due: Thursday, May 30, 2024 at NOON (you have 2 weeks!)

Expect award notifications by Tuesday, June 4, 2024

To be eligible, you must have already submitted an application for your theme camp or art project (due yesterday). As previously mentioned, Art Grants (partial or otherwise) are not guaranteed for all TC/APs, as we’re working on streamlining our processes. We plan to offer fewer but potentially larger individual grants this year. The application deadline is Thursday, May 30th, at NOON. Grant response notifications will be sent by email by (at least) Tuesday, June 4th. Stay tuned for the exact amount of grant money to be awarded this year, as some tickets are still on sale for the event. The more tickets sold, the higher the grant amount can be, however, we ARE able to tell you that ASS tickets alone (sold just prior to GA-ticket sales) brought in almost $2K! THANKS ASS PEOPLE!

Unfortunately, we did not have a donation option with our new ticketing platform this year, which has been included with grants in the past, but if you’d like to donate specifically to our art program, please let us know! We’d love to add to it!

The total amount available for art grants this year will be finalized by the application due date dependent on ticket sales at that time. Until then, we just don’t know, and want to wait to say, to be able to offer as much as possible! Stay tuned for that!

A max of $500 will be potentially available for each applicant.

Speaking of tickets, I’m happy to update y’all that available ticket numbers keep on ticketing down, and at this point, there are only 67 tickets left, still with 2 months to go! You may have noticed that we haven’t been pushing them very much at all. We’re more into the quality of attendees, not quantity, so we don’t plan to stray too far out of our community just to push ticket sales. We have all of YOU GUYS, so we’re already doing great, if you ask me!

BTW – our total tickets available this year increased to 450, and our total sales (less the 67 that remain) hasn’t included the additional numbers for our ASS people, and/or crew! So really… we’re basically right on track as usual after all! Besides, with some fresh changes to our team this year, we aren’t looking to be overwhelmed in any way,, and everything actually feels just right, imo. Ahhhhh…..

We’ve now gathered up and counted all the apps for Theme Camps and Art Projects (TCAPs), and will get to working on placement pretty soon. As much as we have been encouraging everybody to help us pare down the crazy number of camps at TTATC (which I know was a crazy thing to even suggest!), we still had 25 Theme Camp and Art Project crews fill out the application! Actually, this feels more like the RIGHT NUMBER than our previous years of insanity! … ahhhh…. a little bit of extra breathing room will be super nice! We will finally be able to add a little bit of additional and much needed open camping areas, and overall, we are PLEASED! We will be reaching out if we have any further questions or need any further information beyond what we’ve gathered from those apps, if necessary. Otherwise, we will be notifying everybody that applied how that’s going by the end of this month! Stay tuned! A Mappy Map will eventually be posted, hopefully much earlier than usual being so much more manageable! Things just feel calmer already, from an organizational standpoint, which is soooo nice! Hopefully I won’t have to eat my words for just saying that! NO JINX – THX!

As long as we will have a bit fewer people all caught up attending to their camp offerings the whole time, we should have more people available to just run around, do all the things, and have more time available to VOLUNTEER too! We neeeeed you, so please do your part and sign up for a shift or two! We WILL keep bugging you about this! So save us all the stress of filling all the necessary slots at the last minute, and please just sign up for something soon! THANKS!

Volunteer Sign Up Link:

Ok… that’s enough for now.

I’ll tell you more stuff when I know more stuff.

The Cabin Burns in 65 days!

(We’re still working on getting something planned other than the invisible Afterlife “Ghost Cabin” I’ve offered, and it’s sorta starting to come together. Sorta. There’s time. Stay tuned.)

Let’s all remain calm – 🙂

❤️ Fire Mama

-Go To link:

-Click “Buy Tickets”

-Click the “Show password-protected tickets” link

-Enter group/camp password(password given to you) and click submit:

-The total number of tickets for group/camp will be displayed and the ability to add tickets to purchase will be available.

To purchase RV and/or Vehicle Parking pass:

-Click the “Password-protected tickets” link

-Enter the password vpprv and click Submit

-Vehicle Parking Pass and RV pass options will display

-To purchase an RV Pass, click “+Show variations”

-Add desired RV pass

-If more than 1 RV or Vehicle Parking pass is desired, the user must follow the Vehicle parking pass/RV pass process again after checkout. Only 1 Vehicle Parking/RV pass can be purchased per transaction.

Example order:

TTATC 14 Info

Ok, FINALLY here’s a BIG ASS info post!

We’ll be covering….. General Ticket Sales, ASS tickets, Directed Tickets, Theme Camps, Rangers, Effigies, RVs, and Low Income Tickets!

GET READY, here we go! ……

The Basics…

TTATC14: July 17-21, 2024, Wed- Sun

Caribou Gun Club, LeSeuer, MN

GA ticket sales are coming soon (Saturday, March 16 at NOON!), and we are excited! 450 tickets will be available. Ticket cost: $151 (same as last year).

This post will be a long list of what’s coming up, with individual posts/forms/whatever/things you need to know about each of these things coming over the next few days. We’ll be drawing attention to each of these topics separately. So keep an eye out so you don’t miss anything you need or want to know. You can always turn on your own personal notifications for this group as our TTATC season gets going, which may be smart!

As usual, ASS Tickets are available up until our General Sale, and as previously posted there’s a form to fill out for that. We had several people fill out the form already, and almost all of them have followed through, except for a specific few that I have emailed several times, and even reached out via messenger! If you suspect that you still need to follow through to secure your ASS ticket, check your messages or hit me up! I’ll post ASS tickets with the link to the form again soon!

Speaking of checking your messages, direct ticket emails will be sent out SOON (from the email, to select previous/returning theme camps. Camps should be watching and double checking your emails (junk too!) for that information! Sadly, we aren’t able to offer directed tickets to every previous camp/art project, as we simply don’t have the capacity (with physical placement space or in our minds!), but we all do what we can with the space we have!

Speaking of capacity, we have been overwhelmed with a crazy abundance of theme camps bringing and doing amazing things at TTATC for many years! It’s kinda ridiculous for any regional to say, but we have too many theme camps at TTATC! WHAT?!? Really! Not only do we have location space issues, we can struggle with keeping sound camps far enough apart, AND… when everybody is hosting and doing their own things, everybody gets so busy that people aren’t always available to get out and DO all of the things that are being offered! So, in the spirit of toning it down a bit, we won’t be accepting EVERY camp that applies this year (like we’ve done as much as possible in the past, thinking that was the way to go), since that is kind of biting everybody in the butt in several ways! The enthusiasm is very much appreciated, but maybe take it easy! It’s ok for camps to take a year off, give in other ways, or simply change it up! Stay tuned for theme camp and art project applications to open up just after ticket sales (must have a ticket to apply). Don’t be terribly discouraged, and rest assured, we still want plenty of interactive camps to apply! We just can’t handle the overwhelming number that we’ve mistakenly allowed in the past!

Now that we’ve reached a DECADE at our venue, change is in the air! We hope to keep TTATC fresh, move a few things around, and try some new things this year! These things don’t need to be permanent, but we’ll at least TRY some new things and ideas, and see what sticks. Are you ready?!? Calm down – nothing drastic will be happening, but we can all experiment with giving in other ways. Let’s at least give it a shot!

Speaking of change, our TTATC Northstar Ranger (NSR) team will be focusing on other projects moving forward, and we will be recruiting a fresh Ranger team starting this year! Now is the time to give Rangering a shot, if you are interested! The NSR have been good to us, and we wish them well as they move on. Change is ok, and with that general focus this year anyways, it’s almost the perfect time for it.

Speaking of change, here are a few others…

We’ve always ebbed and flowed with interest in building our effigies, and it seems like our “Awkward Tiny Cabin” last year brought attention to that need! We’ve gotten more than enough offers to build things to Burn this year, and we need to reel that in somehow! Our plan to create a form to APPLY to build our burnables (a Friday night Burn, a Temple, and a Cabin). We wish we could accept everything and just have more, but we simply don’t have the time or Burn locations to do that! Stay tuned for that form, and fill it out if you have interest! Having choices is actually awesome, since we haven’t always had options like it seems like we have now! This is a “good problem” to have! I personally know now, that building an effigy (even a tiny one!) is a ton of hard work, and I’m more impressed than ever with people that can manage that difficult work on a large scale! Stay tuned for that form and more information.

Another change that we are looking forward to is finally fixing up our RV area, which has been kind of a mess for many years! Organizing those needs has always been a major challenge with the weird space that we have at our venue. We will be putting effort into that department, with fresh eyes taking the lead, and taking a new approach in that whole area and beyond. RV passes will now be sold separately as LARGE, MEDIUM, and SMALL RV passes to accommodate big RVs, smaller campers, plus Camper Vans/Car Camping options. These will be offered in limited numbers (TBA), like usual, but separating them out like this will allow us to utilize and organize our spaces as much as possible, which ideally should make more people happy! We’ll be giving it a shot at least! Thanks for working with us as we work with a new awesome and smart lead, and continue to work with our venue to make that area even better!

It’s absolutely a year of change, improvement, and working together as a team to make things better for as many people as possible! However, one thing that will remain the same is the ability to apply for a Low Income Ticket (half price,$75). That form will be coming out shortly (later today?!?), so if you have the need, please apply, and we will take care of as many people as possible (number TBA)! With general ticket sales approaching quickly, and Low Income Tickets needing to be purchased just before our general sale, it might end up being a fast process this year. Definitely stay tuned for that form, COMING ASAP!

Ok… I think I’ve finally covered everything on my list! Anything I missed??? I hope I’ve covered everything, cuz that was PLENTY! Like I’ve already said, we will be sending out more individual information about ALL of these things, so keep watching and paying attention to know more and participate in all the best ways. WE NEED YOU, from helping to fill out our event volunteer needs (stay tuned for that sign up sheet too!), to working with us as we all face this year of change together! We all do our best, and that’s really all we can do. Thanks for playing along with us!

❤ Fire Mama, and the entire TTATC Team

🎟️Ticket transfers🎟️

Ticket transfers must be completed by noon tomorrow (Monday, 7/10/23). If a ticket is not transferred by the transfer date/time, the person whose name is on the ticket must be present at gate in order for the ticket to be used. And having to stop what you’re doing to run to gate suuuuuuuuckkssss.

TICKET TRANSFER RECEIVERS must accept the transfer. The receiver’s name isn’t on the ticket until they accept it. When a ticket is transferred, the receiver gets an email (like the one attached) and must click the link and follow the prompts to accept the ticket. If you can’t find it in your email, try searching burnertickets in your email search. If the ticket doesn’t get transferred it won’t be in the receiver’s name and they’ll have to try to get ahold of the ticket holder and the ticket holder might not be there yet or they might already be at TTATC and have to stop what they are doing to run to gate and that suuuuuuuuckssss.

Hey Everybody!

(and then you reply – HEY EVERYBODY!)

FINALLY, here’s that info post I told you was coming! (IT IS LONG! You’ve been warned!) It’s a bit delayed as there have been a few hang ups (mostly personal – geez), but finally here we are! WOOOHOOOO! A BUNCH of topics are gonna be covered, so try to keep up! Here we go!

*** Time is flying! Are you freaking out yet?? We really aren’t, so you shouldn’t either!

*** Tickets are starting to move around more, and make sure to join the TTATC13 Transfer group if you are looking, or have an extra ticket, vehicle or RV pass to help somebody else! That’s the place to post about those things, NOT to the TTATCers group, cuz we’ll just delete those kinda posts here. Face value only, yo.

*** Ticket/Vehicle/RV pass TRANSFERS END online on Monday,July 10th, at 11:59 pm. After that, to use a ticket in your name for somebody else, you MUST either arrive with them, or meet them at the gate when they arrive.

*** Last I looked, there was ONLY ONE Vehicle Parking Pass (of the 225 we had available) left through Burner Tickets! Hopefully you got one already if you need one, OR you’ll have to find one and have it transferred to you, to be able to have a car at TTATC during the event. Yes, this means our regular parking lots. No you can’t have your car at your camp. And no… you can’t just leave cars on the roads around here, so that’s not an option. Just have that necessary pass in place (in your name) when you arrive- thx! We’ll be placing an actual pass on your dash, noting a bit of requested contact info,just in case we need you for any reason during the event! So make sure you don’t park crappy, so we don’t gotta hunt you down to move your poorly parked car! (That one van wrecked it for like 15 other cars last year! So now here we are) Help us help you, and everybody else! THX!

*** GATE HOURS! (Wed – Sun. July 12 – 15)

Wednesday 2 pm – 8 pm

Thursday 10 am – 10 pm

Friday 10 am – 8 pm (8 – 10 by appointment ONLY!)

Saturday By appointment ONLY, from 10 am – 4 pm

*WHY are gate hours like this?!?? Since we’ve added another day this year, we really aren’t sure when people are going to actually show up, and we’re figuring it out as we go! We won’t be allowing any cars to drive into the grounds after dark, so we’re stopping Wed gate at 8 pm (which actually saves us the need to recruit a total of FIVE 2 hour volunteer shifts = 10 total hours (2 at gate, a gate lead a transport person, plus parking!), and we don’t wanna overkill, if unnecessary, so please play along! Thursday, you’ll be able to drive in yourself until 8 pm, then from 8 – 10 pm we will be using our van to transport you and your stuff (in the dark) to your spot. Friday, same thing as Wed, we will only have volunteers able to check people in until 8 pm, but after that, you could still come until 10, BUT you’ll have to contact us to tell us when you’ll be coming, and we can meet you at gate at your arrival time. In the past, we don’t have many coming late on Friday, so again, we’ll save a bunch of volunteer hours, and just have a gate person and a transport person personally help you out. Same with ALL of Saturday. We’re not going to make a bunch of people just sit there all day for pretty much nothin! This all make sense?? PLEASE PLAY ALONG!

*** IMPORTANT: Anybody attempting to come in during non-gate hours will be ASKED TO LEAVE the event. If we find out later that you “snuck in” at all, you could be asked to leave at that time, and/or you will be banned from attending TTATC the following year, depending on circumstances. Over the past 2 years, a total of 6 people have tested this rule, been caught, and faced the consequences. It’s just not worth it. Just come during our post gate hours! Cool? It’s really not that hard.

Along those same lines, note that there is NO RE-ENTRY to TTATC. Once you leave, you are gone, and can’t come back. We have a long list of reasons for this rule. A couple of people attempted this last year, but were not able to come back then, PLUS were banned for another year! Again – not worth it! Don’t try it.

*** Early Arrival – to come to TTATC prior to regular gate hours (Tuesday, NO EARLIER than 3 pm (don’t get bug bombed!), and ideally before 10 pm), you MUST be on a pre-approved list with a theme camp or art project, OR have an approved early volunteer shift with either DPW or Medical. DO NOT show up if you don’t meet those qualifications. Camps/Project Leads with a specific number of approved early arrival passes will be contacted directly with information (including parking instructions), and you’ll be responsible for passing along this important info to your approved E/A people. Showing up early without an E/A pass will be treated just the same as sneaking in outside of regular posted event gate hours, and that’s not good. Don’t do it yo! Thx!

* Quick note for early arrival camps: if you’re arriving early, don’t go too crazy until you talk to Placement about where to set up, if you don’t know EXACTLY where to be in advance!

*** MAPPY MAP! Yes, there will be one, and it’s almost ready! They will be posted in a few select locations, and you’ll be given a beautiful printed map of the TTATC grounds with camps, art, and a bunch of scheduling notes, etc when you arrive! Make sure you grab one so you know when and where you want to be all weekend!

*** POWER at TTATC – Our event is on primitive land (no power/water/utilities of any kind). We have an incredible power crew that brings in generators so that we are able to provide clean and quiet power to most of our theme camps, and necessary departments and crew. Only those pre-approved will be able to plug into our grid. Those approved will be given a TAG for your plugged in cords, if you don’t have pre-approval, DO NOT plug in… anything found without a tag will be pulled by our power crew, rangers, or other qualified crew.. No questions, no notice, no power for you. If you’re gonna bring your own generator, please make it a quiet one, baffle it (maybe build a box?), and be COOL with your neighbors!

* Also, if you haven’t noted elsewhere, there is NO POTABLE WATER available at TTATC either! Bring all that you need! No soap (or mayo) in the swimmin hole. Be smart – thx!

*** EVENTS! There are MANY fun events planned all weekend! Some of these are Cabin/Temple Burns, a Conclave meeting, our JUNIOR HIGH DANCE Friday night,etc. PLUS… many camps, people, and crews are offering their own events! There’s a running schedule for anybody that wants to add events (I’m not sure when that closes), but Frank is the guy that sets that up, so check out his previous post for that info and how-to instructions! There are a couple of spots welcoming anybody to use their space for events, like Center Camp, and The Cave, so if you need a location, they are available! Hit them up directly to secure a time on their schedule.

* Make sure to check the schedule and attend what you like! If the event isn’t your thing, just don’t go! Events being offered are a GIFT, and should be appreciated! If you don’t find an event or something that YOU specifically want to see at TTATC, that’s when YOU bring that thing! Everybody is welcome to offer whatever they choose, including YOU! Workshops, food events, games, gatherings…. So much cool stuff! Let’s be thankful for and supportive of what’s offered – no complaints. You don’t like it… just don’t go! I mean… we don’t want a PETA protest at Pull My Pork or anything crazy like that. Ugh. Don’t like something, don’t go! I love that we have so many people doing and offering so many creative, interesting,yummy, and talented things! Feel free to BE one of them, and bring something you like to share with anybody that wants whatever you want! It’s so cool how that works!


Picking up a volunteer shift (or two, or five! There’s no limit!) isn’t only the right thing to do (Civic Responsibility is one of the principles!) helps out everybody, and actually can be a really good time! You’ll meet other cool people, help TTATC run smoooothly, and it’s awesome! There’s a sign up form for regular shifts, plus there are a few specialty departments that also need help (not on the regular sign up)! Contact us directly to sign up for MEDICAL, DPW, and PERIMETER (see past and potentially future posts about those specific depts). RANGERS also run their own show/group, if you wanna get involved with that! We’ll be tracking those that sign up for overnight SECURITY shifts (on the regular sign up form), so that we can award you with a directed ticket for next year, as previously noted! So grab those shifts as you are able! Thx!

– A couple of notes about Low Income Tickets:

*When/if you applied and were awarded, you agreed to sign up/complete at least TWO 2 hour volunteer shifts, and we’ll be checking to make sure that is happening asap. If you have not yet signed up, you’ll be getting an email from our Volunteer Coordinator reminding you to sign up for your shifts, so just do it asap, to save all that hassle! THX!

*There was a question about transferring a LI ticket this year, and we haven’t had anybody ask to do that before, so we actually don’t have a policy in place for that right now, but moving forward, since that has now come up, we will be creating one. Since only certain people were SPECIFICALLY awarded the lower priced ticket, it’s not fair for somebody else (that wasn’t awarded) to get that deal without going through the LI app process, so in the future,our policy will be that transferring a LI ticket will require the difference in ticket price to be paid to complete the transfer. You know, most rules/policies are only made as needs arise, and well, now here we are! This year, without that policy, somebody might just get lucky and get that lower priced ticket (as we don’t do any refunds), but that new person should be completing the 2 required volunteer shifts, at minimum, to help earn that ticket.

OMG – this post is SO LONG! Am I done writing now? Ughhhhh….. This is practically a novel and took forever to write. Did you actually READ the whole thing?!?? Did you really?!?? (what kinda fish are ya?) What topics or questions have I missed telling you about?? Probably something… lemme know, but for now, I’m SO DONE!

*Stay tuned for upcoming posts specific to Perimeter, DPW, LNT, and whatever else we think needs an extra note!

Whewwww! Thanks for being cool and playing along with this craziness!

❤ Fire Mama