Is there a place to connect for ride sharing / carpooling?

Yes, there is a ride sharing Facebook group coming soon.

Can I fill my water jug when I arrive at the event site?

NO. There is no running water at the event site. Please practice radical self reliance and bring enough water for yourself during your stay.

Can I bring candles to light up my camp site?

OK, but…candles are allowed , but do not leave any open flames unattended. When you leave your camp, put them out. Use caution in the placement to keep yourself and others safe. Consider other safer ways to light your camp like battery or solar powered light strings and lanterns.

Can I bring my dog (or other pet) to the event?

Sorry, no dogs or other pets are allowed. You will be turned away at the gate, and will need to take them elsewhere before you are admitted to the event.

Is TTATC a family friendly event (can I bring my kids)?

Yes, we embrace radical inclusion at TTATC. The parents of any minor at the event are responsible for them at all times. You are the filter for what your kids see and hear, which includes all adult behaviors at the event and life in general.

Are art grants available?


What should I do if I want to bring a Theme Camp to TTATC?

We love community participation! We just ask that you register your theme camp for placement. The deadline to get your camp on the map is spring/summer (exact date coming). TTATC Theme Camp Registration form will be available at a later date.

Can I bring a flame effect or burn my art project during the event?

Yes. All large art pieces, flame effects, high power lasers, mutant vehicles, and community theme camps MUST be approved prior to the event.  FAST Registration form will be available at a later date.

Can I transfer a ticket after I purchase it?

Yes. Follow the steps outlined on promotix.com. The deadline for ticket transfers is noon on the monday before the event.

Can we camp out through Monday?

NO. This event ends on Sunday at noon and we need our attendees to depart no later than 2pm.

Can we roam the event with a motorized vehicle?


Why is TTATC a pedestrian-only event?

The property TTATC is held on is not suited for motorized traffic during the event, as the paths are generally narrow, winding, and largely dark at night, and there are many blind corners and hidden intersections. There is simply not room for pedestrians AND motorized vehicles to navigate the event safely.

As a point of reference, Black Rock City has roads (not paths), which are 40′ wide, easily allowing for vehicle and pedestrian traffic in both directions simultaneously. TTATC has paths, that are typically 8-10′ wide, with some being less than 8′. Safely driving around people walking is challenging, at best.

Will this ever change?

There aren’t currently any plans to allow mutant vehicles at TTATC.

Why are some of our team leads allowed to have golf carts?

We do have a few golf carts for members of the lead team, as well as for some of our event services: medical, rangers, DPW etc. These are considered to be essential to the operation of the event, and are required to be operated safely and respectfully.

What about people-powered vehicles?

Anything that is non-motorized but has wheels (rickshaws etc) is allowed at the event.

Motorized vehicles are powered by anything other than people: gas engines, electric motors, donkeys and hamsters.