Volunteer Roles

Greeters are our Burner welcome wagon and second source of information (right after gate) for arriving campers. Let people know we’re excited they’re here! Then help them feel a little more acclimated by answering questions,  handing out the event map, and help guide them through general campground info. (no plumbing on site, no outside firewood allowed, etc…) as well as the principles of the Burning Man community. This is a great volunteer shift for someone with an open heart who is passionate about wrapping their arms (figuratively, and literally with consent) around our community!

Gate volunteers are the first people that participants interact with upon arrival at TTATC! The Gate is a highly energetic place as our volunteers act as Greeters as well as Gate keepers. The main tasks of volunteering for a gate shift include:
– Greeting newly arrived participants and guiding them on what to do upon arrival
– Checking off names of participants against the ticket purchase list
– Having participants fill out their waiver forms and census survey
– Checking state IDs and placing wristbands on every ticket holder and/or child (kids 12 and under are free and don’t require tickets, but everyone under the age of 21 receives an under 21 wristband)
– Confirming event volunteer shifts and handing out volunteer laminates
– Assisting participants with information and directions about the event, Gate, parking and transport

Help park cars at the Gate! Parking volunteers will instruct and walk participants to available parking spots at the gate and in other parking areas. Volunteers will make sure that participants park in an organized manner so that all available parking can be utilized.

The Spot
The Spot is the place for participants to find ice, the lost & found, event information, the community message board, and information about volunteering. Spot volunteers perform duties such as passing out ice in exchange for cash, offering event info to participants, signing up volunteers for available shifts, hanging out, having fun, and meeting new people!

Gate Security
This is a new position for TTATC 12! Be part of the lookout team stationed at the Gate to ensure attendees have wristbands, and that no unauthorized vehicles or trespassers try and enter the event after hours.  Must be responsible, and SOBER for this volunteer position.

Leave No Trace – LNT
We build a cabin live by it for the weekend and leave no trace when it’s over. Sort of like magic, but in order to do that we need your help for an end of game MOOP sweep. This is a great shift for those that want to help, but prefer not to have time commitments during the event.

Help transport people into the event!  For Safety reasons, we won’t allow driving vehicles into the event grounds after dark, and we have limited parking passes.  We need responsible, licensed, SOBER drivers to help bring participants and their belongings from the gate to their campsite.  We will provide our own rental vans for you to drive.

Teardown: The Spot, Medic and Ranger
We NEED people to help tear down/put away these structures on Sunday Morning.   Must be able to lift and reach without restriction.  Most things aren’t heavy, but sometimes awkward. Depending on the number of people, it shouldn’t take long to tear down, and put things away so that they are ready for DPW to pick up and load into the truck.