Volunteer Roles

Fire Tending
Personal campfires are prohibited at the event; we will however have multiple community fires throughout the area. Wood and wagons will be provided for you to roam about and keep the home fires burning. Last shift will be in charge of combining and bringing the fires down to coals.

Gate n’ Greet
Welcome everyone and get folks checked in. Late night shifts will be a little bit more of a watch out crew to be on hand in case random folks find their way to the gate.

Show folk where to park and offer info on how to get gear out to the camping area. This is another great way to meet a lot of people.

Earth Guardian
We are a Leave No Trace community, but occasionally MOOP happens unbeknownst to the MOOPer. Earth Guardians roam the area, collect accidental MOOP and gently remind folks that MOOP is everybody’s responsibility.

Leave No Trace – LNT
We build a cabin live by it for the weekend and leave no trace when it’s over. Sort of like magic, but in order to do that we need your help for an end of game MOOP sweep. This is a great shift for those that want to help, but prefer not to have time commitments during the event.

Volunteer and Information Spot
Volunteers here will check in other volunteers, sign up new volunteers, provide information for participants, help to answer questions, and give out ice in exchange for the ice tokens.

Tear down
What goes up must come down. Not ready to leave at noon? Stick around and help us perform our vanishing act.