Pile of Info

Here’s a pile of info… are you ready?!?
Topics coming at ya!….. Gate Hours, Ticket Transfers, Speed-friending, Fire Conclave, Transport, RVs, Sound Policy, COC, Covid, Fires, Ice, Theme Camps/Art
Here we go!………………………..
GATE HOURS: Thursday 12-10, Friday 10-8, Saturday 10 – 4
* You must arrive during gate hours, or be turned away! DO IT.* Not kidding.
TICKET TRANSFERS: You have until Tuesday AT NOON (on 8/10) to transfer tickets on Burner Tickets, and that’s it!
SPEED-FRIENDING with Fire Mama: Come meet some new people, or get to know the ones you know even better! It’s awesome!
FIRE CONCLAVE: Are you an experienced fire performer? Wanna spin in the Conclave just before the Cabin Burn? You must come to the REQUIRED fire performance meeting at 4:04 pm on Saturday 8/14 at Camp Mama. Passes will be issued. No pass, no play! Show up! Oh, and plan to be sober, cuz…. fiyahh!
TRANSPORT: If you show up during daylight hours, you will be allowed to drive in the grounds (only so many cars at a time), drop off your stuff (quickly, as it will be timed!), and then park your car in the lot. After dark, TTATC will provide transport for you and your stuff. Zero personal vehicles will drive in the grounds after dark.
RVs:: Have an RV Pass?!? You gotta have one to bring one into our RV area in the grounds (no parking lot camping!). If so, we wanna know what you’re bringing! Please fill out the following form so that we know what’s up, and can plan the best possible layout! You’ll also get this form in an email, but only fill it out once! THANKS!
SOUND POLICY: Not yet posted, but soooon! Stay tuned!
CODE OF CONDUCT: Don’t be naughty! For example: NO entry outside of gate hours, no re-entry after leaving the event. Be cool to others, Consent is a THING, and all that! We are watching, there are consequences for poor behavior, and we shall enforce the rules. You could be thrown out of the event, or not allowed for future years, and that would suck for you! You know what to do, and what not to do. If you don’t…. read the COC! (website!)
COVID: Well, we aren’t out of the woods with this pandemic thing just yet, so…. Please be smart and vaccinated. Feel free to ask people if they are vaxxed, and if not, feel free to steer clear of them. Even the vaxxed can spread this Delta variant, but fortunately for the vaxxed, the odds of serious illness/death is miniscule, but still…. This is all your call to attend the event or not. Obviously, if you are feeling ill, don’t bring it to the rest of us, and stay home.
FIRES: Zero fires on the ground (leave no trace, including burn scars!). Fires (raised camp fires, tiki torches, etc) MUST be attended at all times. Rangers will be looking out for this (it’s a freaking drought out there, so be careful!), and any unattended fires will be extinguished…. maybe with pee! You don’t want that!
ICE: Ice will be available for purchase during open hours at the Volunteer Spot! We’ve ordered 700 five pound bags, which will be stored in a freezer trailer, and when it’s sold out, it’s sold out! Come to the event stocked up as much as able, then re-fresh your ice as necessary! One for $3, two for $5. Bring small bills!
THEME CAMPS/ART: SO MUCH AMAAAZING STUFF is coming to TTATC this year! Get out and see it! Interact with it! Appreciate and respect it. We’ve done our best, with our crunched timeline this year to communicate with Camps and Art Projects, but let us know if we’ve left you hanging on anything, and we’ll try to help you know what’s up! All approved projects have been contacted. Please don’t surprise us with anything crazy! Also… check out the event guide to know what’s going on around TTATC town!
***The Mappy Map is coming…. SOOOOON! Stay tuned! It’s a HUGE project, and it’s almost ready! Woohooo!***
ANYTHING ELSE?!? That’s a lot of stuff, we know, but we figured that everybody could use some last minute info and reminders, as the event is right around the corner! The weather is looking pretty good (no, I’m not jinxing it, I swear!), and it’s going to be an incredible weekend. We look forward to seeing you! Please be smart and safe, look out for each other, and BURN BURN BURN! We got this! Can’t wait!
❤ Fire Mama