Survival Guide

Survival Guide:
The Things you must know to have a weekend of awesome!

This event is July in Minnesota. Be prepared for the cold, heat, rain, wind, sun, or whatever Mother Nature throws at us for the weekend. We’ll keep an eye on the weather forecast, and hope for the BEST!

What To Bring:
What you MUST bring: Water, shelter, sleeping bag/blankets, food, dishes, appropriate clothing, a flashlight or lantern of some kind, your own trash bag, and a whole bunch of common sense.

What you probably WANT to bring: A camp chair, treats and drinks (no underage drinking), costumes for you, and decorations for everything! If you wanna bring extra TP for in the porta johns, please make sure it’s single ply.  Lights for nighttime, for you and your stuff. Don’t forget a reusable cup to bring with you everywhere at the event! Drinks often provided, cups are not.

What you should NOT bring: No fireworks, firearms, feathers, or illegal substances. Please don’t bring glass containers, cans are better. NO DOGS or other pets – you will be turned away at the gate, and will need to take them elsewhere before you are admitted to the event.

There is limited space for parking, and carpooling will help. And it will save the planet and all that too, so you should carpool. No re-entry to the event.

No Commerce/Gifting:
There will be NO VENDING at this event. You must bring everything you need to survive, be happy, and be healthy for the entire weekend. TTATC is a no commerce event. We thrive on gifting, not money. Maybe bring some gifts for people. A few quality handmade or thoughtful gifts are better than a crate of cheap Chinese crap.

Ice will be available at The Spot for $3 per bag

Leave No Trace (LNT):
You must take all of your trash and recycling back to your own camp, and take it all with you when you leave. Beware of MOOP (Matter Out Of Place)! To avoid MOOP and MOOPING, don’t let it hit the ground! Carry a portable ashtray with you, if you are a smoker. Zero butts on the ground – thanks! If you see trash that isn’t yours pick it up anyway.

Light Up the Night: 
Put some lights on it! You, your tent, your stuff. Be seen! Don’t be a darkwad.

Medical personal and our Northstar Rangers will be available 24 hours a day during the event. In case of an emergency or any questions, find any organizer and they will be able to help you!

Finally…No drama allowed. Keep your cool and have a good time!