TTATC 13 ticket date TBD

When available, put this sale date and time on your calendar, and make sure to get on it right away when the time comes!  If you don’t get one during the general sale (or prior), don’t panic, as tickets seem to bounce around before the actual event, and it could totally still happen for you! If you wanna be there, you’ll surely find a ticket, somehow, eventually!

*** Art Support Tickets(ASS)*** 
These tickets will be available only until our General Admission tickets go on sale. To snag one of these super special early tickets, click this link, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch shortly with specific ASS Ticket purchasing instructions from there!
Link: Link will be added when tickets are available

*** Low-Income (LI) Tickets! ***
Once again, we will be giving people the opportunity to apply for a ticket at the reduced rate. A link will become available to apply sometime in the spring. Stay tuned for more info about all that!

***Vehicle (and RV) Passes**
Vehicle passes will be available to purchase with tickets
RV passes will be available to purchase with tickets

Vehicle passes will be available. As you may already know, one of the struggles at our amazing venue is having space for parking!  Obviously, carpooling is massively encouraged, and simply necessary to allow for parking on site.

RV passes will be available. If you are pulling a camper into the event, you do not need to also purchase a vehicle pass, as the RV pass will cover the whole thing.

*** Directed Tickets! ***
As usual, we will be offering these very limited special guaranteed tickets (at regular price), that will be available just prior to our general sale, to our returning theme camp and art project crews in good standing. We will be in touch with y’all with information on how to apply for these particular tickets, if your camp has plans to return. Stay tuned for more info about all that!

Total tickets available: TBD

Transferring a Ticket

All ticket transfers must be completed at noon on the Monday before the event.

Tickets can be transferred within your account.

Reselling Tickets

Tickets and RV passes may only be resold for face value. Any tickets or RV passes being sold for above face-value may be canceled without notice or refund.

A limited number of RV tickets will be sold and must be purchased along with a ticket to the event. Ticket purchase will help us to manage placement.