TTATC9 is sold out.

Tickets must be purchased online. You will not receive a physical ticket, as ALL tickets will be WILL CALL, including “Mobile Tickets.” Your name will be checked off the list when you arrive. Kids 13 and older will need a ticket. (Free admission is limited to kids 12 and under.)

You will be required to fill out a name for each ticket purchased. If you do not know who you are giving your ticket to, then please place Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, etc for additional tickets. 4 maximum per transaction. You can use the link on your confirmation email to go back and change the names on the tickets on the purchase site.

Instructions for changing the name on a ticket after purchase

  1. Click on the link in your confirmation email from Brown Paper that says ” You can view more information or make changes to your order at…”
  2. This will open a webpage with all of your ticket information. Look for Order Details and then find Will Call Name.
  3. Click on the Change Name link text to the Will Call Name and type in the new first name and last name in the fields provided.

Make sure that the person you are transferring your ticket to has the Attendee Number and your name.  We suggest that you forward you the name change confirmation email you receive to the new assignee in case there are any questions at the gate.

If your ticket was purchased on a mobile device and you want to transfer it

A limited number of RV tickets will be sold and must be purchased along with a ticket to the event. Ticket purchase will help us to manage placement.