General ticket cost: $151 (same as last year)

Ticket link:

Saturday, March 16 at NOON!

*** ASS TICKETS! *** Available immediately!
These tickets are available for $353 each, and will be available ONLY until our General

*** Low Income (LI) Tickets! ***
These tickets are available for $75 each. Click this link for the application form:
Application Due: Fri. March 8th at NOON
Approval notification by: Mon. March 11th
Window to purchase: March 13-15th (W-F)
NOTE: LI tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

***Vehicle Parking (and RV) Passes**
A vehicle parking pass is required to park a vehicle at TTATC. If an RV pass is purchased, a vehicle parking pass is not required for the RV/camper that the RV pass was purchased for.

***RV Passes**
RV passes will by sold by the site size. There are 3 different sized RV sites:
10 – $30 small car/van sites:  15ft x 20ft
21 – $50 medium sites: 15ft x 35 ft
9 – $75 large sites: 15ft x 45 ft

*** Directed Tickets! ***
Emails will be sent to camps, groups, or individuals that have been offered directed tickets.

Transferring a Ticket
All ticket transfers must be completed at noon on the Sunday before the event.

Ticket transfer receivers must accept the ticket transfer. When a ticket is transferred, the receiver gets an email and must click the link and follow the prompts to accept the ticket.

If a ticket is not transferred by the transfer date, the person whose name is on the ticket must be presented at gate in order for the ticket to be used.

Reselling Tickets
Tickets may be resold at face value only