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TTATC9 Ticket Sale

Hey there TTATCers!
Now that the dust has settled from yesterday’s crazy ticket sales, I’m here to share some info, stats, thoughts, and ideas. Everything is always a work in progress, and thanks for playing along! We’re all in this together!
Fun Facts: TTATCs that have sold out: TTATC3 (at the Cabin!), TTATC5, TTATC6, TTATC7, TTATC8, and TTATC9 (TTATC4 was our first year at the Caribou Gun Club, and didn’t sell out, but it didn’t take long for us to find our groove there!) 
We have never sold out this fast before! TTATC7 sold out in 5 weeks, TTATC8 sold out in 5 days, and here we are at TTATC9, which sold out in 2.5 hours. This is a blessing and a curse. This is fun, amazing, and awesome, but also presents it’s own set of problems, now and moving forward. Lots to discuss around this issue. We’ll do our best!
First of all, if you didn’t get a ticket, hope is not lost! Tickets tend to get passed around a little bit (especially just prior to the event) when people discover they can’t go, or whatever. Stay tuned in our TTATC Ticket Exchange group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/199819534073272/
Ticket Stats: 
– 450 Total Available Tickets
– 68 tickets (of the 75 offered) went to Directed Ticket Sales across 18 returning, desirable camps and art projects that we wanted to bring back! New this year, and glad we did it. 
General sale started Friday, April 5, at NOON.
– 150 Tier 1 tickets sold in 3 – 4 minutes (CRAZY!)
(at the 40 minute mark 333 tickets were sold)
– 232 Tier 2 tickets (ALL TICKETS) were gone in 2.5 hours total.
-19 Free “Kid under 12” tickets were claimed (do not count against total sales)
– 27 of our 32 available RV spots were purchased (you can still get one, if you want)
– $235 was donated to our Art Grant Program – thank you! 
– # of messages I got asking for tickets within an hour of them selling out – 6
– # of those people that got tickets from me – 0
We will not be offering any more tickets. We raise our available ticket # by 50 each year. Slow grow is the way to go. Our beautiful venue has some serious general parking issues, and as we grow, we have to keeping figuring out how to deal with this problem. Work with us, y’all, and CARPOOL! 
Volunteering: Only 28 of our currently posted 126 positions have been filled
-Please sign up! https://signup.com/go/YrZQCaX) We’ll keep bugging you.
– We will also be seeking volunteers for specialty positions (Burn Perimeter, Transport Drivers, DPW, and Rangers), so stay tuned for those opportunities!
– Thanks for for participating, we need you! That’s how Burns work! 
Applications for Theme Camps, Art Projects, Flame Effects, and our Art Grant program will be released shortly. Stay tuned for those!
OK… that’s enough for now. I’m so impressed, amazed, and thrilled at all the excitement around TTATC every year. I guessed we would sell out in 2 – 3 days, but once again (this keeps happening!), my expectations have been far exceeded. Love you guys. 
❤️ Fire Mama


Seeking a ticket?!?!? Selling a ticket??
omg – We’re blown away by the response this year. Tickets sold out REALLY FAST! It usually takes about 5 weeks for them to sell out, but this year it only took 5 days, and now, people are begging for tickets like craaaazy. WOWZA.
– No, sorry, there will be no more tickets going on sale.
– Yes, people can transfer tickets, as they become available in our community…. things always shift around a bit!
– Don’t get me wrong, in a way, I think this “problem” is great! People seem to have figured out that TTATC is awesome! This “ticket shortage” is sort of a good problem to have…. kinda sorta…. We LOVE all the interest and excitement, of course!
– We will continue to raise our ticket count by 50 each year.
– Slow grow is the way to go, in all the ways.
– There are many solid reasons for this slow grow approach: crew, parking issues, necessary volunteerism, maintaining our amazing Burner spirit, organizational sanity, etc.
– This event is about quality, not necessarily quantity.
– Believe me, it HURTS to see so many want to attend and have to say no. meh. Of course, I want everybody to be there, but we must stand our ground. Please don’t ask me for tickets, it’s painful, but necessary, for me to say no. yeah yeah yeah…. everybody’s my best friend…. we tight, yo, but sorry no. ughhhh….. painful…..
****BUT GET THIS….. there’s now a GROUP, just for ticket shuffling! Thanks for creating it, Paulski! Here’s the link! Join it, and get to ticket begging, AND OFFERING tickets there! We’ve created this new group to try to keep the TTATCers group mostly for event info, all the fun things, and a silly video here and there. All future ticket requests posted here will be referred to the ticket group, and probably deleted from this group, so go to the group, yo!
– Meanwhile…. please like this post if you’ve seen it, so I can see how many people are actually paying attention, and to give it a boost, so others see it too!
THANKS for playing along, and good luck out there!
 Fire Mama
– There’s a BIG BLAST OF EVENT INFO coming at ya in the next week-ish that will be a doozey! Stay tuned!
– The Cabin burns in 36 days! Wooohoooo!

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