Art Grant Awards!

We got a whole slew of art grant applications this year, and we bumped up the art grant amount to $4200, cuz the number 42 just felt right in the end! Unfortunately, we are unable to award every single one, which is a huge drag, but that’s just how it has to be this time around.. But I gotta tell ya that there are some FANTASTIC art projects coming this year, and we are doing our best to fund as much interactive stuff as we can. And soooo with that…. Here are the projects being at least partially funded this year (hardly ANY are getting the full amount they are asking for, but we’re spreading it around the best we can. Are you ready??? Here we go!
Octagon, R-BAR, Cabin Radio, Dance Dance Time Machine, Boop, Bop, Jeffy’s, Meaty Beats Cat Food Eats, Smoking Meats, Monkey Toast, Say, and Jam and Catz!
SO MUCH COOL STUFF! Actual amount of rewards will be emailed to individuals that applied, ideally within a few days, so hang tight!
❤ Fire Mama