TTATC 14 Info

Ok, FINALLY here’s a BIG ASS info post!

We’ll be covering….. General Ticket Sales, ASS tickets, Directed Tickets, Theme Camps, Rangers, Effigies, RVs, and Low Income Tickets!

GET READY, here we go! ……

The Basics…

TTATC14: July 17-21, 2024, Wed- Sun

Caribou Gun Club, LeSeuer, MN

GA ticket sales are coming soon (Saturday, March 16 at NOON!), and we are excited! 450 tickets will be available. Ticket cost: $151 (same as last year).

This post will be a long list of what’s coming up, with individual posts/forms/whatever/things you need to know about each of these things coming over the next few days. We’ll be drawing attention to each of these topics separately. So keep an eye out so you don’t miss anything you need or want to know. You can always turn on your own personal notifications for this group as our TTATC season gets going, which may be smart!

As usual, ASS Tickets are available up until our General Sale, and as previously posted there’s a form to fill out for that. We had several people fill out the form already, and almost all of them have followed through, except for a specific few that I have emailed several times, and even reached out via messenger! If you suspect that you still need to follow through to secure your ASS ticket, check your messages or hit me up! I’ll post ASS tickets with the link to the form again soon!

Speaking of checking your messages, direct ticket emails will be sent out SOON (from the email, to select previous/returning theme camps. Camps should be watching and double checking your emails (junk too!) for that information! Sadly, we aren’t able to offer directed tickets to every previous camp/art project, as we simply don’t have the capacity (with physical placement space or in our minds!), but we all do what we can with the space we have!

Speaking of capacity, we have been overwhelmed with a crazy abundance of theme camps bringing and doing amazing things at TTATC for many years! It’s kinda ridiculous for any regional to say, but we have too many theme camps at TTATC! WHAT?!? Really! Not only do we have location space issues, we can struggle with keeping sound camps far enough apart, AND… when everybody is hosting and doing their own things, everybody gets so busy that people aren’t always available to get out and DO all of the things that are being offered! So, in the spirit of toning it down a bit, we won’t be accepting EVERY camp that applies this year (like we’ve done as much as possible in the past, thinking that was the way to go), since that is kind of biting everybody in the butt in several ways! The enthusiasm is very much appreciated, but maybe take it easy! It’s ok for camps to take a year off, give in other ways, or simply change it up! Stay tuned for theme camp and art project applications to open up just after ticket sales (must have a ticket to apply). Don’t be terribly discouraged, and rest assured, we still want plenty of interactive camps to apply! We just can’t handle the overwhelming number that we’ve mistakenly allowed in the past!

Now that we’ve reached a DECADE at our venue, change is in the air! We hope to keep TTATC fresh, move a few things around, and try some new things this year! These things don’t need to be permanent, but we’ll at least TRY some new things and ideas, and see what sticks. Are you ready?!? Calm down – nothing drastic will be happening, but we can all experiment with giving in other ways. Let’s at least give it a shot!

Speaking of change, our TTATC Northstar Ranger (NSR) team will be focusing on other projects moving forward, and we will be recruiting a fresh Ranger team starting this year! Now is the time to give Rangering a shot, if you are interested! The NSR have been good to us, and we wish them well as they move on. Change is ok, and with that general focus this year anyways, it’s almost the perfect time for it.

Speaking of change, here are a few others…

We’ve always ebbed and flowed with interest in building our effigies, and it seems like our “Awkward Tiny Cabin” last year brought attention to that need! We’ve gotten more than enough offers to build things to Burn this year, and we need to reel that in somehow! Our plan to create a form to APPLY to build our burnables (a Friday night Burn, a Temple, and a Cabin). We wish we could accept everything and just have more, but we simply don’t have the time or Burn locations to do that! Stay tuned for that form, and fill it out if you have interest! Having choices is actually awesome, since we haven’t always had options like it seems like we have now! This is a “good problem” to have! I personally know now, that building an effigy (even a tiny one!) is a ton of hard work, and I’m more impressed than ever with people that can manage that difficult work on a large scale! Stay tuned for that form and more information.

Another change that we are looking forward to is finally fixing up our RV area, which has been kind of a mess for many years! Organizing those needs has always been a major challenge with the weird space that we have at our venue. We will be putting effort into that department, with fresh eyes taking the lead, and taking a new approach in that whole area and beyond. RV passes will now be sold separately as LARGE, MEDIUM, and SMALL RV passes to accommodate big RVs, smaller campers, plus Camper Vans/Car Camping options. These will be offered in limited numbers (TBA), like usual, but separating them out like this will allow us to utilize and organize our spaces as much as possible, which ideally should make more people happy! We’ll be giving it a shot at least! Thanks for working with us as we work with a new awesome and smart lead, and continue to work with our venue to make that area even better!

It’s absolutely a year of change, improvement, and working together as a team to make things better for as many people as possible! However, one thing that will remain the same is the ability to apply for a Low Income Ticket (half price,$75). That form will be coming out shortly (later today?!?), so if you have the need, please apply, and we will take care of as many people as possible (number TBA)! With general ticket sales approaching quickly, and Low Income Tickets needing to be purchased just before our general sale, it might end up being a fast process this year. Definitely stay tuned for that form, COMING ASAP!

Ok… I think I’ve finally covered everything on my list! Anything I missed??? I hope I’ve covered everything, cuz that was PLENTY! Like I’ve already said, we will be sending out more individual information about ALL of these things, so keep watching and paying attention to know more and participate in all the best ways. WE NEED YOU, from helping to fill out our event volunteer needs (stay tuned for that sign up sheet too!), to working with us as we all face this year of change together! We all do our best, and that’s really all we can do. Thanks for playing along with us!

❤ Fire Mama, and the entire TTATC Team