WHEN and WHERE does it BURN?!?

TTATC9 Main Events!

NOON: Gates open!
10:10 pm: Speed-friending with Fire Mama (not a Burn, but a super fun thing for the 1st night!)
@ Centergasm

10:10 pm: Friday Effigy Burn (stay tuned for details!)
@ near the Swimmin Hole (our former Temple Burn spot!)

5:05 pm: Temple Burn (NEW TIME AND LOCATION!)
@ Big Burn Zone
8:08 – 10:10 pm: EMERALD FORMAL (the suggested attire is in the title!)
@ Centergasm
11:11 pm: Fire Conclave and Cabin Burn
@ Big Burn Zone

NOON – GTFO. ❤️🙂❤️

Ok, soooo…. wut?!? 
Yep, there are some new things that we are changing and trying this year! If they don’t work for this year, we can always change it up again year after year. We’re always doing our best to do our best, for the event, the whole team, and the big picture. So this year, we are trying this! 
Yep, there will be tons of other events thrown by Theme Camps, so stay tuned for those! Theme Camps, you will have an opportunity to add and post your events, in a fancy way (ooo!), so stay tuned for info on that, coming soon! Meanwhile, maybe make your plans around this main event schedule…. 
So… WHY the changes?!? 
First of all, we’re switching the Friday night effigy and Temple Burn sites, to create a quieter and more reverent place for our Temple, for visits all weekend, and for its Burn on Saturday at 5:05 pm. So make sure you go to the right place at the right times for these Burns! Check out the Mappy Map, released eventually pre-event, and provided in print at the event.
So…. the new Temple time…. I’ll explain…..
In past years, we have our big fun Conclave and Cabin Burn, party for a couple hours, gather for the Temple Burn, all cry, ambient music takes over most of the event, and everybody goes to bed, and that’s it. In an effort to keep the party vibe going all night instead, we’ll Burn the Temple earlier, and have a few hours to have dinner and get ready for our Emerald Formal! Don’t forget to dress to impress! 
More reasons: In previous years, we’ve been left with a big coal pile after our late night Temple Burn that gets shovelled into metal cans and left at the venue to cool and be picked up weeks later, which we want to avoid. Additionally, we’ve had challenges with gathering sane and sober perimeter crew and volunteers to staff a late night Burn on Saturday night. This Temple Burn time change lets those crews off the hook, and lets them party too! This schedule also lets us all enjoy the Emerald Formal without needing to hurry to the Cabin Burn, then to the Temple Burn…. Instead we get to space things out much more comfortably. No rush! Ahhhhh…..
Yeah, burning something during daylight hours might seem kinda weird, but with all of the benefits of this change, we think it’s worth it. Sometimes there’s a bigger picture that involves more than people realize, and after weighing all the pros and cons, this is what we’re gonna try this year. Thanks for understanding, and playing along! If it doesn’t work, we’ll just change it again in the future! THANK YOU to everybody (that’s ALL OF YOU!) for making it happen!
TTATC is ever-evolving, ever-growing, and ever-amazing…… 
❤️ Fire Mama