Placement, Theme Camps, and Ticket Transfers, OH MY!

Theme Camp and Art placement forms are CLOSED!
Theme/Art People: Yeah, we bugged some of you about getting them in this year after they were due, and have been kinda flexible, but you know what?…. that poor practice will now END. As we grow in population, things are getting tighter and tighter, both in location, parking, and event, but also with time and efforts of our coordinators! Once forms are due, then our placement, map, and organization can begin. If you delay…. WE DELAY. We’ve been giving up some of our valuable work time to wait for some of you, but no more! Please respect our time and efforts by getting your shit in on time, which we give you MONTHS to do, leaving ourselves only a couple of weeks to put it all together. Moving forward there will be zero extensions, you won’t be placed or on the map, AND any projects that received an art grant that do not follow up with further appropriate placement forms will have their grant VOIDED. Seriously. Yep, that money will then be re-distributed to projects that actually did things on time and worked with us! See how that works?!? We work with you, so please (for the love of fuck) work with us. Thanks!
*** Forms will be updated and tweaked for the future.
*** Theme camp and Art Project People: Stay tuned for a big ole info email (including instructions on how to list/post your own camp events!), coming soon, now that we’ve finally collected y’all!
Ticket Transfers
Rule #1: Don’t ask Mama! (or anybody else, really)
Cuz you know where you can find this information?!?
YEP, the fucking WEBSITE!
Or the BPT website (, or call them, or google it!
Self-reliance is one of the Principles – you got this!
Sell tickets for ONLY face value. FACE VALUE. Or GIFT them. That works too.
The best place to find or sell a ticket is in our TTATC TIcket Exchange Group!
Last stuff for now:
* Volunteer! Lots of opportunities!
Links for volunteer opportunities are provided on the WEBSITE!* If you have a question that hasn’t been answered in the TTATCers group (you should look/search there for stuff too!) or isn’t on the website, THEN you can ask. But if I find the answer to your answer on the website, you are in trouble, and I have no problem shaming you.
* Do you realize how hard organizers are working to get this event set up to make it possible for the community to come together so we can ALL make this event happen?!? I do, and it’s really cool. Impressive really. Thanks to EVERYBODY working hard on camps, projects, and organization! So much appreciation!
* Finally, I want to acknowledge the Dog that took some balls to the face, giving up their dignity, to provide you with a reminder that there is a WEBSITE! Thank you, Dog. Note: Cats are still better than dogs.
One more time….. HERE’S THE WEBSITE!

Fire Mama
PS… Time is flying! It’s GO TIME! Wooohoooo!