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TTATC9: July 18 – 21, 2019
We will cap total sales at 450 tickets this year, when they are gone, they are gone!
Tix go on sale, Friday, April 5th at noon!
All of our 400 tickets sold out in 5 days last year (crazy!), so don’t dilly dally if you want em!
– $70 (PayPal Only tickets), 150 of these tix will be available…. THEN….
– $80 (any payment method) for the remaining tix, until they are gone!
*Why PayPal only? The way event ticketing works, we get PayPal money right away, and the rest of the money stays with the ticket company until AFTER the event, and we need operating money up front! So use PayPal as much as possible for any and all sales to help us out! THX!
– KID tix: 12 and under will continue to be free. There will be a spot to indicate your needs for these tickets along with ticket purchases. A link will be provided to officially register ALL kids under 18, who will all be required to attend with a responsible ticketed adult.
– ICE: In the past, we’ve given everybody an ice token with every ticket, but we aren’t going to be doing that anymore (sorry!), however you will be able to purchase all the ice you want along with your ticket(s)! Ice payments in advance help us anticipate our needs, keeps carrying and monitoring cash less necessary, and will help us make sure to cover costs! Yes, you’ll be able to purchase extra ice for cash at the event, but ice pre-payment is much appreciated! 
– $25 RV passes will be available along with ticket sales, # available to be determined, but there should be few more of these available than in any previous year – yay! #expansion!
– Art Grant donations – you will have the opportunity to donate along with your ticket purchase!
– We’ve considered selling a limited number of parking passes, due to our tight parking issues to encourage people to carpool, but …. We might wait on this, but geez – please CARPOOL!
– Directed tickets! NEW THIS YEAR! We’ve decided to reward and encourage some of our long standing, interactive, amazing theme camp and art crews and projects to come back, and will offer these camps a handful of tix that they can purchase just prior to regular ticket sales! Yes, these tix will count against our total number of tix available. Exact numbers TBA. If you qualify for this, you will be contacted! Please don’t ask for them. Best way to get them in the future – bring something awesome, so we want you back! 
To answer questions about this, yes, we will continue to provide transportation from gate to camping areas for you and your stuff. So when you get there, you will check in, unload your stuff, park your vehicle, stick your stuff in our vans and/or trucks, and we will take you where you want to go! Our friendly drivers can advise you where to camp, and even help you! We will also help you out when it’s time to go. There’s one main path around the grounds, that is primarily for people walking around, and for safety, we just can’t have cars driving around all weekend. Thanks for understanding and playing along! 
We will be increasing our art grants available again this year! Numbers TBA. Stay tuned for the application to apply for these grants, which will come out shortly after our ticket sales. You must have your ticket(s) to apply for an art grant, so make sure to grab yours! 
Fortunately, the Caribou Gun Club loves us, and we love them! However, they are raising our rates a bit this year. Not by a ton, but enough to feel it. I think they’ve figured out they we aren’t going anywhere, for as long as they will have us! We’re also looking into officially renting a few golf carts for our lead crew this year, so we can get around quicker as necessary. Also… we’ll need more porta potties, our insurance costs keep going up with our numbers, and we have more general infrastructure needs, as we continue to grow! TTATC will continue to be a quality event! Let’s keep on making our venue as happy with us as we are with them!
As we keep growing, we will continue to expand! Our RV area will be getting bigger this year, and we’ll be able to push further back! We will be re-arranging a bit to best utilize all of our spaces! Theme and Art application forms will become available, so if you want placement, filling out a form the best way to get it!
– Quiet Area: By popular demand, we are going to be designating some areas that will be “quieter” than all the super noisy spaces! This will likely include the first 3 clearings nearest to the gate. Jam and Cheese – yep, this means we’re moving you! Haha! You’ll be more loved in another spot, where you can Jam out all night! We love you! 
– Temple: We are considering changing our Temple location (perhaps to one of our quiet areas), and changing the Burn time of the Temple, for lots of reasons…. So stay tuned for more info about all that!
– Greeters: We are looking to create a secondary area for our Greeters to greet you, separate from gate, so that will be exciting! 
A link to sign up to volunteer will be provided along with our ticketing, so sign up for something right away! You’ll get the best pick of stuff to do, and WE NEED YOU! Once our priority spots are filled, we’ll be adding more volunteer opportunities to the list and will be bugging you to fill all the spots! There will be core event opportunities, as well as more specialized roles that will be more directed that may have greater responsibilities. More info on all that coming soon!
What the heck is going on?!? Burns aren’t like any other event. The “rules” are different, there are terms you might not understand, there are curiosities and oddities around every corner. We are going to be creating a document that answer your crazy newbie questions! We see you, and we are here for you. Stay tuned for that!
OY – I think that’s enough for now! If you have any urgent questions, feel free to ask! If something here said “more info will come” – it will come! So please chill and stay tuned! 
We do our best to keep up with everything, make changes as necessary, and hopefully we improve a little bit each year! Sometimes we try new things, and hope they work out, but if they don’t we’ll just change it again! Thanks for always working with us to create all the magic!
TTATC is an event not created FOR you, it’s created BY you! We’re all in this together. So bring your best, put your planning caps on, and prepare yourselves for so much awesome! Thanks for everything, and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing things that TTATC9 will bring! 

Fire Mama