Fire Mama

Hope everybody is excited, and not freaking out too much! Haha!
Yes, TTATC is soooon, so now is a good time to pay attention to ALL THE THINGS!
Here’s some good stuff to know:
– There’s a WEBSITE! Tons of info there! GO THERE. READ THINGS! If you ask a question, and the info is already posted on the website, the answer will probably be, GO TO THE WEBSITE, and I will give you shit about it. WEBSITE! WEBSITE! WEBSITE!
HERE IT IS: www.ttatc.com HERE IT IS AGAIN: www.ttatc.com #website
– Ticket Freakout! Yep, ticket transfers and exchanges are in full force, so if you’re looking, don’t give up hope. ALSO…. We are EXTENDING the ticket transfer due date to Tuesday, July 17 (WOOOHOOOO!), since there’s still time, and there seem to be a few bugs in the system. We’ll work it all out. For now…. just stay calm. It will be ok. We have more time.
– Volunteering! A few of the 10 Principles revolve around our community, such as Civic Responsibility, Participation, and Communal Effort, which can mean a lot of things, including VOLUNTEERING! Wooohoooo! We’ve added some shifts to the volunteer schedule, including Greeters and Parking, PLUS, we could use some more FAST/Perimeter people!
General Volunteering:https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/2288522/false…
Perimeter Volunteering: https://docs.google.com/…/1iUga5xCH5JlTtWam9RqrW_…/viewform…
*These links can also be found on the WEBSITE, BTW! www.ttatc.com
Thanks for being a solid part of our community! That’s what it’s all about!
– Important Points to super note: LEAVE NO TRACE, pack it in, pack it out, you are responsible for your own trash THE WHOLE TIME. And take it home with you.
– No potable water at TTATC…. Bring your own.
Bring a cup, tent, bug spray, sunscreen…. There’s a whole list of “What to Bring”……
Guess where you can find that info??? ON THE WEBSITE! www.ttatc.com
– TTATC8 THEME: Infinity
And….. specific THEME DAYS!
Thursday: We don’t need no theme Thursday (double negative, math reference!)
Friday: Forever Friday (time!)
Saturday: Spacey Saturday (space!)
***PROM will be Saturday night! Dress in your finest! Prom Theme: Under the Stars
– MAP and FULL SCHEDULE: will be released later this week! So exciting!
Another big ole email will come next week with even more info, so stay tuned!
Thanks for everything, everybody, and you know what you should do???
GO READ THE WEBSITE! Thanks! www.ttatc.com
And tell your friends to check the website! www.ttatc.com
 Fire Mama
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