NEW for TTATC9 and beyond….. 
The VAG DEPARTMENT! (Virgin Acclimation Group!)
We realize we have Noobies Burning among us sometimes that have NO IDEA what’s going on, and we wanna help! 
We wanna create a First Timer’s Guide that includes terminology, tips and tricks, and a general HOW TO BURN guide. Burning for the first time can be SCARY! 
***What do YOU think should be included in this trusty guide?!? TELL US your experiences, questions, and ideas!***
Ellen DeRusha is joining our lead team to head up this awesome new project, and be our on-site leader of the VAG Dept that will cruise the event with her VAG team in search of Noobs to acclimate! They’ll be nice…. and helpful! They might be wearing pins, or T-shirts, or jackets or something!
Camp Anti-Social will also have something to do with this, but we don’t really know exactly what yet…. they barely talk to us… ughhh. 😉

❤️Fire Mama