I hereby declare that…..
Yeah, ask first (hey! wanna butt bump?!), cuz you don’t wanna offend anybody, or knock them over! I know personally that I’m gonna wanna hug each and every one of you, but nahhhh…. let’s go with the butt bump this year! Coooool? I weirdly think about that a lot. Haha!

OK! At this point, we are GO, as long as the MN requirement of a maximum of 250 people at an outdoor event sticks (I’m cautiously predicting this will NOT change, but that will be the ONLY thing that will stop us now, as far as I’m concerned!). Yes, the world is all kinds of confusing and bizarre right now, and that’s how I kinda feel about all this unprecedented weirdness! However, I’m willing to throw the dice, and just GO. Let the ACTUAL planning commence! LOTS to do in a short amount of time, but we got this! This is sure to be a chill TTATC, with fewer theme camps, and less/different kinds of things going on, and like I’ve said before,this is an opportunity for all of us to “just go camping.” So think of it that way, as this year is just so OFF in every way, but if I know one thing…. BURNERS MAKE IT HAPPEN! So there’s sure to be plenty of amazing Burningerness all around, and it will be amaaaaazing! I’m stoked.
I’m throwing around lots of ideas about how we can make this event almost sarcastically distant and super responsible (more info on that in my next blast), so we aren’t THAT event, but instead…. we are THAT EVENT! We gotta be super cool, y’all, and I KNOW it can be done. Like FOR REAL. Let’s DO THIS! Post every weird idea you got…. be creative! I wanna hear em! LOTS more info on all this will come!

This year in particular, lending a helping hand is SUPER important, as we won’t have our usual full team of leads, and we ALL have to figure out how to make sure all is well. This is a great time to get more involved moving forward, if you wanna! Our volunteer sign up link will be sent with the ticket link on Friday. Click on it! Do the thing!
PLUS we are hereby putting out a separate call (not on our regular sign up list), specifically for MEDICAL, RANGERS, many small effigy builders (not just one big one this year!), and just as many FAST (Fire Arts Safety Team) volunteers, so get at me personally if you wanna be involved in any of that, sooner than later for that one. BIG THX!
PLEEEEZ sign up for SOMETHING, cuz we need you! This is a community, civic responsibility, participation, meet other cool people doing cool things, badass thing, which is what Burns are all about. SO THANKS for being a freakin Burner about it!

IF you have your name and email on a “ticket” already (remember when you paid for the first half of your ticket a few weeks ago, and it sold out in 6 crazy minutes?!?) then you will be sent a link NEXT FRIDAY, August 14, and you will have (one week) until August 21 at noon, to either purchase the 2nd half of your ticket ($44), or sell it and change the name of your original ticket so somebody else can pay the 2nd half (again all due by the 21st). CUZ THEN the entire ticket list CLOSES (purchases, transfers, whatever, everything must be done by the 21st). This process also goes for RV spots (was $15, now the 2nd $15). Does that whole crazy thing make sense?
Somebody asked me….. Will tickets that aren’t paid in full be eventually sold to more people? The answer is no. So figure out what you’re gonna do with your tickets, if you paid for a first half, and decide not to come, or whatever you’re doing. If there are some tickets just not used, that’s just how it will be. #crunchtime
Things are sooo weird this year, and we are simply doing the best we can! Please work with us on this! Burner Tickets makes it super easy to change the names on tickets, and the more names that are for the actual ticket holders, the better, so then everything is just easier for everybody. Ya know? THANKS!

Booze – I think we’ll most likely only have one bar this year, if we’re lucky(!), so give em a break, and plan to BYOB for the most part this year. Radical self-reliance, right? Let’s try not to be a drunken mess anyways! I’ve never been much of a big drinker. Seriously 2 drinks = drunk Mama!
Kids – maybe this isn’t a great year for kids, really, actually, as they could possibly be more difficult to sarcastically distance, don’t fully understand the butt bump, and might just get knocked over! Ha! As far as I know, there will hardly be any kids there this year, so if you bring a kid, there probably won’t be many other kids for them to hang out with, and they’re gonna be all up in your game the whole time, soooo…. you know what I’m sayin.
Speed Friending – this is something I usually offer on TTATC Thursday nights, and LOVE IT! But I’m having a hard time wrapping me head around how to it this sarcastically distant this year! If you have any ideas (weird or otherwise!), I’d love to hear them!
Volunteer – This is a 2nd reminder (see how important this is?!?) to sign up for something via the link list next Friday! This is ALSO a reminder of our special call out for Medical, Rangers, small effigy Builders, and FAST crew! So yeah…. get at me! We are short staffed, but figuring it out! Please step up! THX!
More info coming soooooon, but that’s plenty for now!
I really like the word “Burningerness!” 🙂
❤ Fire Mama