How are you doing?!? This has been the craziest year. We’ve had to push TTATC back again and again, cuz CRAZY, but FINALLY, here’s some solid info!
TTATC is mostly on track, but we still must be prepared for ANYTHING!
Dates: Thursday, August 27 – 30, 2020 (set-up: Wed. 8/26)
Population cap: 200.
Our cap is smaller this year to follow current state guidelines, allow for distancing, and mostly to be manageable, as we are losing many of our leads this year due to situations, the date change, and general chaos.Things are looking good right now, but we are still “tentative” cuz you never know what’s gonna happen…. Maybe aliens, maybe zombies, maybe GHOSTS (I’m putting my money on ghosts).

TICKETS: (I know you wanna know what’s up!)
Fun Fact: We’ve transitioned to BURNER TICKETS this year!!! That’s been part of our behind-the-scenes, figuring-it-all-out adventure that we’ve been on! I think we are finally ALMOST READY to rock!
We are gonna go live with GENERAL SALE tickets THIS FRIDAY at noon!
On Friday, you will be able to purchase HALF of your ticket…. (what?)….. And then 3 weeks before the event, when we know FOR SURE that we are gonna do this, you will be able to complete your ticket purchase by paying for the 2nd half of your ticket. We are shooting for Friday, August 8th to be our final decision date. See how we get to push things out AGAIN with this plan?? Cuz really, if we had to decide right now, we wouldn’t do it at all, but this gives us a MUCH BETTER CHANCE to make it happen!
Total ticket price: $88 (with taxes and ticketing fees, which we gotta do twice this year – sorry!)
Important! Limit TWO tickets per transaction.
First round of ticket sales this Friday: $44, with another $44 due when we are GO!
NOTE *** If TTATC does NOT end up happening, our first round of sales will NOT be refundable. IF we are not able to go ahead with the event this year, those funds will be used to pay for ongoing annual costs, and we’ll apply funds to our Art Grant program for next year!
Limited RV spaces will once again be available, for $30 each ($15 each half). You MUST reserve a space to bring a camper, and keep your vehicle inside the grounds in our designated RV area. ALL other vehicles will need to park in our main parking lot near the gate. No exceptions.
Yes, tickets are still transferable at any point.
(Directed ticket people, stay tuned for more info coming VERY SOOOON!)

We are working out the details of our leads/crew, and I think we have enough to get by this year, but it will be a bit more skeleton, so we’re gonna need your help! Everybody must be on their BEST behavior this year, and BE EXTRA COOL! We are combining a few departments this year to make things more manageable (For example, DPW, Transport, and Parking is all one this time!), and we will be working out a volunteer schedule that is gonna be ok, somehow! I know that with good (principles!) Participation, Civic Responsibility, and Community Involvement this could be an EXCELLENT BURN!
*** SEEKING: Ranger and Medical Crew…… please contact us to help out! We need you!
We aren’t reaching out for new camps or placed art this year, BUT we’ve reached out to previous groups, and I’m happy to report that (out of 26 on the map last year), SIX crews are coming back to do amazing things! That’s not many, but that’s OK, as that will be manageable, and AWESOME.

With so many unknowns, including not knowing if TTATC will even happen for sure right now, we won’t be doing a “normal” grant program this year, but we have ideas and options, and more info will eventually come on that….. at the very least, we could roll money into next year, and have a BIG BLOWOUT return! Or whatever works…. so many strange details… things are SO WEIRD this year!
OK…. those are the big details! Of course I have more to say (ALWAYS), but this is enough for now! Thanks to everybody that has been helping to make this happen already….. It’s been a VERY challenging year, and soooo weird trying to plan an event, but we are doing our best. Thanks for hanging in there with us!
❤ Fire Mama


Fire Mama