TTATC11: 9 Lives

TTATC can’t stop, won’t stop! You can try to keep us down, but we will keep coming back. Through storms, flooding, accidents, naughty Burners, and even a global pandemic, TTATC lives on! I don’t know how many of these 9 lives we’ve already gone through over our previous 10 events, but we are STILL HERE!
9 Lives may have been the perfect theme for TTATC9, but that whole Yellow Brick Road thing happened that year, and that was super cool too. However, a CAT theme has been inevitable, and if there’s anything we’ve learned from recent times, and the principle of immediacy, there’s no time like the present. Don’t wait. Do it now. Take the present moment by the balls, and make it happen! So this is the year to officially celebrate our adorable furry friends, and I’m excited!
With all the seriousness and difficulties going around these days, it’s time for something FUN, something silly, and something easy – like CATS! Yeah, we could have chosen something more profound, serious, and heavy (ugh), but NO. Cats are the best!
Theme direction ideas: cats are adorable, sweet, playful, but also sometimes naughty, feral, and scratchy little nightmares. Cats are tough, survivors, sleepy, hilarious, and strange. Sometimes they can even be deadly – cat scratch fever is a thing! Fortunately, for the allergic, no real cats will be allowed at TTATC11. Also… don’t forget about the BALLS!
❤ Fire Mama
Amazing graphic by the amazing Paul Gutoski! THANK YOU! I love it so much!
😻😻😻That Thing at the CAT!!😻😻😻