Coronavirus Update

Hello TTATCers!

*** PLAN C ***

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Times are WEIRD! This whole pandemic thing has definitely been a rollercoaster! There are good days and bad days, and TTATC has certainly been on everybody’s mind. We are only a couple of weeks out from our original date for ticket sales (April 24), so I suppose it’s about time to make some decisions, and proceed somehow. Other Burns this summer are dropping like flies, and people are starting to ask about this year more and more, so here’s what’s going on….

Summary of our options:

Plan A: TTATC as planned in July, nothing is weird. Yay! Hahaha!

Plan B: Pandemic. We might be ok in July, let’s just start planning and see what happens.

Plan C: Maybe Burning Man will cancel and we can figure out August dates and do it then???

Plan D: NEVERMIND, see you next year. Ugh. Hmmmph.

Descriptions of our options:

Plan A is OUT. Not happening.

Plan B was in my head for a while, but now I’m thinking that’s not practical.


***PLAN C****

WE ARE HERE! BUT…. we kinda gotta wait to see what happens with the Big Burn before we do anything about it. So, I’m suggesting that at this point is that we push everything back 6 weeks for now (ticket sales, all the forms, due dates, etc), and see what happens. Cross your fingers?? IF this works, our new dates would be August 27 – 30, with a set up date of Aug 26, and our ticket sales would happen on Friday, June 5th, at noon! We’ll see!


Plan D is to cancel. BTW – Sept/Oct won’t work, as it’s hunting season at our venue.

We’ve weighed all the options and talked to our venue, and this is where we are right now., knowing that we still need to keep an eye on what’s happening. With the possibility of Plan C, we are giving ourselves 6 more weeks to decide and make an informed decision of changing our date. During this time, we will keep you as informed as possible. We’re not giving up yet!

None of us had any idea that any of this would happen, and this whole thing has come to a shock (to everybody and events everywhere!), but here we are. All we can do at this point is play the hand we are dealt. If anybody is holding any aces under the table, now would be the time to show em. It’s gambling time.

Thanks for your support and understanding during this difficult time for everybody. Be smart, be safe, and keep being awesome.

<3 Fire Mama