Art Grant Announcement!

In true Mama form, I’m posting this just before midnight. 
We received 18 applications for $2500 worth of Art Grants, and I’m happy to announce that a small team figured out a way to at least partially fund 15 of them!
Here are the projects that are being funded, in no particular order, and welcome to my shorthand…..
Dragon, Brain Freeze, Sensitorium, Oracle, R-Bar, Cuddle, Jeffy’s, Forest Giants, FRY, Big-ish Crystal, Bakery, TOY, WWW Signage, and Centergasm.
Thanks to everybody that applied! Our Art Madam will be contacting everybody that applied via email to discuss details.
Anybody is welcome to donate to our Art Grant program at any time, and we will be sure to properly distribute more funds accordingly!
THANKS Y’ALL! July is gonna come QUICK!
 Fire Mama