The list is ready! Sign up here (only if you already have a ticket!) to volunteer at the event! We need YOU to help us create the AWESOME! Co-creation is the Burner way!
Rangers, medical, and FAST are doing their own specific specialty recruiting, but here is the primary volunteer list. Sign up sooner than later to get the best choice! Woohoo! Let’s do this!!
❤ mama

Theme Camp Application

Do you have a theme camp or Art Project that you would like to bring to TTATC11?!? If so, you MUST fill out this form to be considered for placement at the event, and to be potentially put on the Mappy Map!
*NOTE: If you are a returning established camp and have already had contact with us, you STILL NEED TO FILL OUT THIS FORM!
We’re looking forward to seeing all of these amazing things! Gonna be SO COOL! Thanks!
❤ Fire Mama
(and Paulski, the Placement/Map Guy!)

Event Schedule Stuff

We know that lots of theme camps are wanting to schedule parties and event kinda things, and many of you probably just wanna know what’s gonna happen, so here’s some cool stuff that we have scheduled already!
***Thursday 10:10 pm
Speed Friending w/Fire Mama! (love this!)
***Friday 8:08 – 10:10 pm
THE CAT BALL! (TTATC formal dance party)
– 8:08 pm TEMPLE BURN
– 10:10 pm CABIN BURN
Stay tuned for more info about all of these things, but just know… you’ll wanna be there!
I’m so excited!
❤ Fire Mama

Some things…

Here are some bullet points to keep you posted on what’s happening, as we move forward from our crazy fast ticket sales yesterday. Geez, that was FAST! Now…. we are starting to proceed with more stuff. Thanks for your patience!
– BIG THING coming your wayyy….. the EVENT VOLUNTEER SIGN UP LINK! We will neeeeed you! Participation is the way of the Burn! These opportunities will include shifts for gate, greeters, the Spot, parking, LNT, etc. Other specialty volunteer opportunities for the more experienced Burners will include shifts for Rangers, Perimeter Peeps, Medical crew, DPW, Transport Drivers, etc. Stay tuned for more info about ALL of these things!
– There will be a form coming out for NEW THEME CAMPS to get on board! Have a ticket? Want to bring something awesome (camp, art, whatever) that you want on the map? There’s a form for that, and it’s coming! Stay tuned!
– Art Grant Info – We’re working on it, and that info will come! On that, so far, we’ve received over $500 in donations with ticket sales, and just general donations (so far!), and all of that money will go to our art grant program! THANKS to all of the donors for supporting TTATC ART!
– Be patient. Life gets a little crazy sometimes, and we are all doing our best. Things have been a bit extra rushed this year, and we are all still shaking the dust off from the craziness of last year! We’re slowly getting to all the things, and it will be OK.
– Transport – we have new plans for the this year, and more info will come about that as we solidify our plans. We are constantly reinventing, developing, and improving our systems!
– Vax and Covid info…. obviously these are hot topics! We won’t be requiring vaccinations, and more official info will come, but in the meantime, do your civic responsibility and get vaxxed!
– NO DRAMA! Don’t stir the pots, don’t feed the trolls, and don’t poke the bears. Just walk away. Causing or participating in drama will only cause more trouble, and it’s a good way to get banned from this group. Turns out actions DO have consequences!
– If you didn’t get a ticket and want one, don’t freak out. They become more available closer to the event, as people realize they can’t go or whatever. So hang in there and find the TTATC11 Ticket Exchange group!
– Beware of scammers claiming to have tickets! Research them, and for the love of cat balls, don’t EVER pay for anything with dumb gift cards, which is a sure sign of trouble if they ask for that! If you get scammed, we can’t help you.
– On our agenda – scheduling a full lead team meeting (leads stay tuned!), gathering essential crew to making everything happen smoothly, and reserving all of our required services and infrastructure stuff!
– We’ll do a full introduction of our full lead team, as soon as we have everybody put together and committed, so you know who to ask about what. If you have the answers to various questions now, feel free to answer, but if you just don’t know, just leave it to those that do!
– Thanks for PARTCIPATING! That’s how this all works, and is the true beauty of Burns! Together we create so many amazing things, and I can’t wait to see what this year will bring!
CLEARLY our list is LONG…. but we are getting it together…. thanks for your patience, and for staying awesome!
❤ Fire Mama

Code Of Conduct

HERE IT IS….our newly created and immediately enforced…..for this and all future years…..THE TTATC CoC (CODE OF CONDUCT)! PLEASE READ and plan to abide.(follow link at the bottom of this post)Notable things:
– These things aren’t really that hard to follow, YOU CAN DO IT!- Consequences. Failure to follow the CoC could result in immediate expulsion, or being banned for future years, possibly FOREVER! Seriously. We aren’t kidding.- Don’t be the naughty example for others.
– NO ENTRY outside of posted gate hours. NONE.
– You can leave any time, but once you leave, there is NO re-entry.
– We are working on added security measures this year, which may include a motion sensitive camera in our gate area (only active during NON-gate hours) so we can see what’s going on up there, which would include cars coming and going. Don’t wanna get caught on that camera? Just don’t be up there during any off-hours! It’s pretty simple, really.
– Our official sound policy is still being created, but will be posted and linked in the CoC when it is ready. Stay tuned for that.
– Thanks to Paulski and the C4 (Core 4)i for getting this whole thing together!***WE ARE DOING OUR BEST to keep TTATC safe, secure, and amazing! These rules have been in place for a while, but now they are officially in writing, and shall be enforced, hardcore style.. Thanks for doing your part to keep TTATC awesome!
❤ Fire Mama


-2021 General Admission Tickets
– NEW Low-Income Tickets
– Directed Ticket Info
As previously announced, GA Tickets will go on sale Saturday, June 26, 2021 at NOON!
It’s great to finally get going this year, and your C4 (Core 4 Team) has met a handful of times for discussion and planning. As a group, we’ve decided that tickets will be $100 (plus fees) this year for a variety of reasons. Last year was obviously very tough and difficult for a BUNCH of reasons,but we still did it! However, last year, we ended up several thousand under due to some additional and odd expenses, had way fewer ticket sales than usual, plus a garage burglary (we lost 2 generators and our entire TTATC event walkie system, plus lots of personal stuff! Youch!). Basically, we took a big hit! This year our population will still be lower than originally anticipated (350 this year), but we hope to catch up, boost our grant program back up, and hold on to our event quality standards! We hope our population can keep creeping back up in future years! Regardless, we have no plans to have any further ticket fee increases for the foreseeable future.
The total for a regular GA ticket this year will be $111.
To offset anybody with major issues with our new GA ticket price, we will be offering LI (low-income) tickets to those that need them to attend. Those tickets will be priced at $50 (plus fees). These forms will be reviewed by the C4 team, and we are planning to award about a dozen of those (a bit flexible depending on the response) with the ability to purchase a ticket at the discounted price. To get the discounted rate, there will be a special personal code to use during your purchase during regular ticket sales. You will still need to get in line (online) during regular ticket sales (June 26 at Noon) like everybody else, and if you find yourself with the ability to purchase an LI ticket, you may use your code at that point. If you end up purchasing a ticket from somebody else after regular sales, you will still need to pay them the price that they paid for the ticket (or whatever they decide), which is only fair. We talked a lot about this process, and we came up with this. We hope this all makes sense, and that this option is appreciated! These forms will be due on Monday, June 21, 2021 by NOON, and those given this opportunity will be notified (with further instructions) by Wed, June 23 by 5 pm. Sorry for the short quick notice, but welcome to our quick squished schedule this year! We hope this helps those that need a little extra assistance to attend TTATC11! Responses will be kept private amongst the primary C4 team that will be making these decisions.
The total for a Low Income ticket this year will be $55.
To apply for a LI Ticket, you must fill out this form, due Mon, June 21, 2021 by noon.
As in previous years, we will be offering a limited number of special RV passes for those that would like to bring a camper or RV into our reserved/designated area in the back of the actual event grounds. There is NO car or RV/Camper camping allowed in the general parking lot. An RV pass needs to be purchased along with an admission ticket to the event (an RV pass does NOT include your personal admission to the event). NO POWER AVAILABLE. RVs will be on grass, not gravel. Those that purchase an RV pass will be required to fill out an info form (TBA for those that get em), so we know more about what to expect!
35 RV passes will be available at $35 each.
We will be offering a very limited number of directed tickets (at the GA rate) to established theme camps in good standing. Stay tuned for emails and more info about this if you qualify (don’t call us, we’ll call you!). Specific established Rangers, Medical Crew, and DPW peeps may also be contacted and given the opportunity to purchase directed tickets. We NEED these people to provide the guts of the event! There’s a lot to juggle around this, but it’s happening! Hang in there and stay tuned!
The TOTAL number of tickets available this year will max at 350. We hope to bump up our population again next year, but we’re definitely easing back into bigger numbers. Coming off a pandemic, moving our date around, being generally thrown off by the weirdness of the world has thrown us ALL for a loop! But hey, we’re figuring it out, and MAKING IT HAPPEN the best we can! Thanks for hanging in there with us! No matter what, WE make it happen, and it will be AWESOME!
❤ Fire Mama (and your Core Four Team!)


Things are happening, and I’d thought y’all might be itching to know what’s going on, so I figured I’d tell you some stuff! Let’s DO THIS THING!
– FYI, If you haven’t heard, I ended up having emergency gallbladder removal surgery a couple of weeks ago, and have been slowed down for a little while BIG TIME, but I’m slowly recovering, getting back at it, and am motivated again! LET’S GO!
– The C4 (Paulski, Jeffy, J5, and I) have met a couple of times recently, and we are putting the big stuff in place! Our full lead team will be meeting soooooon!
– Ticket sales will be Saturday, June 26, 2021 at noon (as previously announced), and more TICKET INFO will be coming at y’all TOMORROW! So watch for that important info!
– We are working on the full event schedule, which will include Effigy and Temple Burn times, and shall include the return of Speed Friending and our full event Formal! It will be GREAT to get back to big group stuff again! Last year was soooo weird, but at least we still did it!
– Our TTATC Formal this year will be called the CAT BALL! Hahaha
– YAY! I’m sooo excited!
– Updated SECURITY at TTATC is being implemented, so stay tuned for info about that…. big changes and upgrades are coming our way in that department.
– We’ve been discussing and writing up a Code of Conduct, and some more specific TTATCers FB group rules, both will be released soooon. Everybody just stop being naughty, and we’ll be cool! It shouldn’t be that hard! Haha! But seriously, we’re cracking down.
– Parking and Transport from the gate has been a big topic for us this year. We are working on ways to continually update and improve that process for everybody. Stay tuned for a slick new plan!
– The TO DO list is long, which includes contacting our established theme camp and event leads, working on important things like insurance and portos. We are starting the process of gathering up our Rangers, Medical Crew, Perimeter Peeps, etc. We will be creating the volunteer shift schedule for everybody, to hopefully release on our ticket sale date! Please sign up when it’s time! We neeeeed youuuuu!
– As I’ve said before, our schedule is coming on a bit extra squished and quick this year, but the world has been a WEIRD PLACE for a while (plus I’ve been personally delayed a bit extra recently! Gah!), but we are doing the best we can! Thanks for playing along! No matter what, and no matter what happens, TTATC lives on, and together we all MAKE IT AWESOME! HUGE THANKS TO EVERYBODY FOR EVERYTHING!
❤ Fire Mama


TTATC11: 9 Lives

TTATC can’t stop, won’t stop! You can try to keep us down, but we will keep coming back. Through storms, flooding, accidents, naughty Burners, and even a global pandemic, TTATC lives on! I don’t know how many of these 9 lives we’ve already gone through over our previous 10 events, but we are STILL HERE!
9 Lives may have been the perfect theme for TTATC9, but that whole Yellow Brick Road thing happened that year, and that was super cool too. However, a CAT theme has been inevitable, and if there’s anything we’ve learned from recent times, and the principle of immediacy, there’s no time like the present. Don’t wait. Do it now. Take the present moment by the balls, and make it happen! So this is the year to officially celebrate our adorable furry friends, and I’m excited!
With all the seriousness and difficulties going around these days, it’s time for something FUN, something silly, and something easy – like CATS! Yeah, we could have chosen something more profound, serious, and heavy (ugh), but NO. Cats are the best!
Theme direction ideas: cats are adorable, sweet, playful, but also sometimes naughty, feral, and scratchy little nightmares. Cats are tough, survivors, sleepy, hilarious, and strange. Sometimes they can even be deadly – cat scratch fever is a thing! Fortunately, for the allergic, no real cats will be allowed at TTATC11. Also… don’t forget about the BALLS!
❤ Fire Mama
Amazing graphic by the amazing Paul Gutoski! THANK YOU! I love it so much!
😻😻😻That Thing at the CAT!!😻😻😻