WHEN and WHERE does it BURN?!?

TTATC9 Main Events!

NOON: Gates open!
10:10 pm: Speed-friending with Fire Mama (not a Burn, but a super fun thing for the 1st night!)
@ Centergasm

10:10 pm: Friday Effigy Burn (stay tuned for details!)
@ near the Swimmin Hole (our former Temple Burn spot!)

5:05 pm: Temple Burn (NEW TIME AND LOCATION!)
@ Big Burn Zone
8:08 – 10:10 pm: EMERALD FORMAL (the suggested attire is in the title!)
@ Centergasm
11:11 pm: Fire Conclave and Cabin Burn
@ Big Burn Zone

NOON – GTFO. ❤️🙂❤️

Ok, soooo…. wut?!? 
Yep, there are some new things that we are changing and trying this year! If they don’t work for this year, we can always change it up again year after year. We’re always doing our best to do our best, for the event, the whole team, and the big picture. So this year, we are trying this! 
Yep, there will be tons of other events thrown by Theme Camps, so stay tuned for those! Theme Camps, you will have an opportunity to add and post your events, in a fancy way (ooo!), so stay tuned for info on that, coming soon! Meanwhile, maybe make your plans around this main event schedule…. 
So… WHY the changes?!? 
First of all, we’re switching the Friday night effigy and Temple Burn sites, to create a quieter and more reverent place for our Temple, for visits all weekend, and for its Burn on Saturday at 5:05 pm. So make sure you go to the right place at the right times for these Burns! Check out the Mappy Map, released eventually pre-event, and provided in print at the event.
So…. the new Temple time…. I’ll explain…..
In past years, we have our big fun Conclave and Cabin Burn, party for a couple hours, gather for the Temple Burn, all cry, ambient music takes over most of the event, and everybody goes to bed, and that’s it. In an effort to keep the party vibe going all night instead, we’ll Burn the Temple earlier, and have a few hours to have dinner and get ready for our Emerald Formal! Don’t forget to dress to impress! 
More reasons: In previous years, we’ve been left with a big coal pile after our late night Temple Burn that gets shovelled into metal cans and left at the venue to cool and be picked up weeks later, which we want to avoid. Additionally, we’ve had challenges with gathering sane and sober perimeter crew and volunteers to staff a late night Burn on Saturday night. This Temple Burn time change lets those crews off the hook, and lets them party too! This schedule also lets us all enjoy the Emerald Formal without needing to hurry to the Cabin Burn, then to the Temple Burn…. Instead we get to space things out much more comfortably. No rush! Ahhhhh…..
Yeah, burning something during daylight hours might seem kinda weird, but with all of the benefits of this change, we think it’s worth it. Sometimes there’s a bigger picture that involves more than people realize, and after weighing all the pros and cons, this is what we’re gonna try this year. Thanks for understanding, and playing along! If it doesn’t work, we’ll just change it again in the future! THANK YOU to everybody (that’s ALL OF YOU!) for making it happen!
TTATC is ever-evolving, ever-growing, and ever-amazing…… 
❤️ Fire Mama

Let’s talk about TICKETS….

I’m a terrible graphic designer, but I can put words on a photo! Haha! Let’s talk about TICKETS….
***Best ways to find a ticket:
– Ask your friends
– Be patient, and don’t give up!
– Post your request (and offers!) to the Ticket Exchange Group HERE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/199819534073272/
***Best ways to NOT get a ticket:
– Sit on your ass and do nothing
– Post your request to the TTATCers group (that shit will be deleted in a day or 2)
– Asking me won’t help you, it actually will probably give me guilt and sadness that I can’t help, so please don’t do that to me. Thanks! 

<3 Fire Mama


We received 16 apps, and I’m thrilled to report that we will be funding ALL of these projects! I appreciate the range of funds requested so that we’re able to spread the money around a little bit. If you applied, stay tuned for an email with exact reward amounts and more info. Check out this killer list!
So much BADASS, and SO MUCH FUN! 

Fire Mama
Grant funded projects include: (in mama shorthand)
Cabin Radio (GUYS! Radio Station!)
Fuck Shit Stack 
Danger Bike 
Bar 54
Fist a Puppet 
Treasure Hunt 
Behind the Curtain 
Not in KS anymore
(Wouldn’t it be great if this is HOW ALL ART WORKS?!)

Image may contain: 1 person


Today I met with Ellen DeRusha, the official leader of our brand spankin new VAG (Virgin Acclimation Group) Department! She’s creating a fabulous TTATC First Timer’s Guide, which will help the newbies, but also contain lots of great info for everybody! One of the things we discussed is trying to explain the “Meanings of the Burns.” We decided to ask you….
We wanna know what YOU think….. 
Help us out! Thanks! 

<3 Fire Mama (and Ellen!)

TTATC9 ART GRANTS!!! Wooohoooo!

This year we are offering $4235 (including the $235 in donations during ticket sales – thanks!) in art grants, at a max of $500 each. This is more than a 25% increase from last year!
– If you’d like to donate to our art grant program, please let us know! We’d love to add to it! Every little bit counts!
Art Grant apps are due at noon on Friday, May 17. 
Art Grant awards will be announced on Sunday, May 19.
* MUST have a TTATC ticket to apply for a grant..
* Filling out this form does NOT replace the Theme Camp or Art/FAST form app. You must fill out BOTH! For more info, placement, and all that good stuff.
* Must follow through on all agreements if your art grant is awarded. (See form for agreements.) 
FILL OUT THE FORM to apply! 

❤️ Fire Mama
THE FORM: https://forms.gle/Pej9gQegByxePvkA7

TTATC9 Ticket Sale

Hey there TTATCers!
Now that the dust has settled from yesterday’s crazy ticket sales, I’m here to share some info, stats, thoughts, and ideas. Everything is always a work in progress, and thanks for playing along! We’re all in this together!
Fun Facts: TTATCs that have sold out: TTATC3 (at the Cabin!), TTATC5, TTATC6, TTATC7, TTATC8, and TTATC9 (TTATC4 was our first year at the Caribou Gun Club, and didn’t sell out, but it didn’t take long for us to find our groove there!) 
We have never sold out this fast before! TTATC7 sold out in 5 weeks, TTATC8 sold out in 5 days, and here we are at TTATC9, which sold out in 2.5 hours. This is a blessing and a curse. This is fun, amazing, and awesome, but also presents it’s own set of problems, now and moving forward. Lots to discuss around this issue. We’ll do our best!
First of all, if you didn’t get a ticket, hope is not lost! Tickets tend to get passed around a little bit (especially just prior to the event) when people discover they can’t go, or whatever. Stay tuned in our TTATC Ticket Exchange group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/199819534073272/
Ticket Stats: 
– 450 Total Available Tickets
– 68 tickets (of the 75 offered) went to Directed Ticket Sales across 18 returning, desirable camps and art projects that we wanted to bring back! New this year, and glad we did it. 
General sale started Friday, April 5, at NOON.
– 150 Tier 1 tickets sold in 3 – 4 minutes (CRAZY!)
(at the 40 minute mark 333 tickets were sold)
– 232 Tier 2 tickets (ALL TICKETS) were gone in 2.5 hours total.
-19 Free “Kid under 12” tickets were claimed (do not count against total sales)
– 27 of our 32 available RV spots were purchased (you can still get one, if you want)
– $235 was donated to our Art Grant Program – thank you! 
– # of messages I got asking for tickets within an hour of them selling out – 6
– # of those people that got tickets from me – 0
We will not be offering any more tickets. We raise our available ticket # by 50 each year. Slow grow is the way to go. Our beautiful venue has some serious general parking issues, and as we grow, we have to keeping figuring out how to deal with this problem. Work with us, y’all, and CARPOOL! 
Volunteering: Only 28 of our currently posted 126 positions have been filled
-Please sign up! https://signup.com/go/YrZQCaX) We’ll keep bugging you.
– We will also be seeking volunteers for specialty positions (Burn Perimeter, Transport Drivers, DPW, and Rangers), so stay tuned for those opportunities!
– Thanks for for participating, we need you! That’s how Burns work! 
Applications for Theme Camps, Art Projects, Flame Effects, and our Art Grant program will be released shortly. Stay tuned for those!
OK… that’s enough for now. I’m so impressed, amazed, and thrilled at all the excitement around TTATC every year. I guessed we would sell out in 2 – 3 days, but once again (this keeps happening!), my expectations have been far exceeded. Love you guys. 
❤️ Fire Mama


NEW for TTATC9 and beyond….. 
The VAG DEPARTMENT! (Virgin Acclimation Group!)
We realize we have Noobies Burning among us sometimes that have NO IDEA what’s going on, and we wanna help! 
We wanna create a First Timer’s Guide that includes terminology, tips and tricks, and a general HOW TO BURN guide. Burning for the first time can be SCARY! 
***What do YOU think should be included in this trusty guide?!? TELL US your experiences, questions, and ideas!***
Ellen DeRusha is joining our lead team to head up this awesome new project, and be our on-site leader of the VAG Dept that will cruise the event with her VAG team in search of Noobs to acclimate! They’ll be nice…. and helpful! They might be wearing pins, or T-shirts, or jackets or something!
Camp Anti-Social will also have something to do with this, but we don’t really know exactly what yet…. they barely talk to us… ughhh. 😉

❤️Fire Mama