Code Of Conduct

HERE IT IS….our newly created and immediately enforced…..for this and all future years…..THE TTATC CoC (CODE OF CONDUCT)! PLEASE READ and plan to abide.(follow link at the bottom of this post)Notable things:
– These things aren’t really that hard to follow, YOU CAN DO IT!- Consequences. Failure to follow the CoC could result in immediate expulsion, or being banned for future years, possibly FOREVER! Seriously. We aren’t kidding.- Don’t be the naughty example for others.
– NO ENTRY outside of posted gate hours. NONE.
– You can leave any time, but once you leave, there is NO re-entry.
– We are working on added security measures this year, which may include a motion sensitive camera in our gate area (only active during NON-gate hours) so we can see what’s going on up there, which would include cars coming and going. Don’t wanna get caught on that camera? Just don’t be up there during any off-hours! It’s pretty simple, really.
– Our official sound policy is still being created, but will be posted and linked in the CoC when it is ready. Stay tuned for that.
– Thanks to Paulski and the C4 (Core 4)i for getting this whole thing together!***WE ARE DOING OUR BEST to keep TTATC safe, secure, and amazing! These rules have been in place for a while, but now they are officially in writing, and shall be enforced, hardcore style.. Thanks for doing your part to keep TTATC awesome!
❤ Fire Mama