Art Grants

$2500 will be available for grants, at a max of $500 each
Art Grant forms will be released for application at noon on Friday, April 14
Art Grant forms are due at noon on Wednesday, May 16th.
Art Grants will be announced on Sunday, May 20th.

**Grants already awarded for TTATC8**

Theme Camps
Start planning your theme camp soon. The deadline to get your camp on the map is 5 pm on June 29, 2018. Please fill out and submit the TTATC8 Theme Camp Application.

Fire & Art – F.A.S.T.
All large art pieces, flame effects, high power lasers, mutant vehicles, and community theme camps MUST be approved prior to the event. Please fill out and submit the TTATC8 F.A.S.T. Registration which is due at 5 pm on Friday, June 29, 2018.

For any DMV needs contact firemama (at) ttatc (dot) com